Friday, August 7, 2015

Information About DIY Kits Of Duracoat Aerosol

By Kathrine Franks

Gun owners rely on quality products for cleaning their firearms and expect the best from anything sold for the enhancement of weapons. Those products must do no harm to any of the materials used in manufacturing that include stainless steel, synthetics, ferrous metals, wood, and alloys. DuraCoat Aerosol is the latest in technology and simple for novices and professionals. Here is some information to help when shopping a Lawrence, KS supplier.

Some people like a smooth finish and others like some other type of texture. Just about any surface is possible with these products ranging from camo to a pearl texture. It is even possible to create layers of texture and then finish them off with a protective coating of the clear product to reduce dings and scratches.

One thing to remember is mixing this product with a hardener. It helps speed up drying time without reducing quality or appearance. Ratios of 12:1 is standard but for faster drying times slightly increase the amount of hardener. It also gives a higher gloss finish at about a 10:1 ratio. Read the directions on the product to make sure of the mixture.

When using stick on templates, use mineral spirits and a clean rag. The mineral spirits will not affect the finish of your project but will remove only the residual stickiness from the adhesive compound. When completed the surface is free of any sticky feeling and the degree of intended gloss is not adversely affected. Please remember to clean thoroughly the weapon before applying any clear coat product.

Typical drying time is overnight. Placing the weapon in an oven for just 1 hour and baking it for about an hour at 110 degrees F speeds up the drying process. At this point, it is possible to use abrasive solvents, lubricants, and cleaners without destroying the finish. For full curing time allow three to six weeks.

For people who want to colorize their guns, DuraCoat comes in over 200 different colors, and you can mix those to get an exact match of shade you want. Just think of all the possibilities of identifying a weapon just by its color and texture. Not to mention being proud of the choices of hues and designs.

Remember that a clean surface is the best to ensure the desired results of any firearm customization. Once dismantled check all interior surfaces, and if necessary use a mirror to make sure all corners and crevices are clear of debris. DuraCoat Cleaner is excellent for this procedure because it leaves no film or residue.

As always, make sure the firearm is unloaded and completely dismantled for both safety and access to all areas of the surface, especially any tight corners or recessed areas where the human eye cannot see. Any coating product hardens after drying and presents a possible malfunction in discharging the weapon. Use a dental tool mirror if necessary to examine all internal areas.

Even the smallest speck of dust can render a firearm useless if lodged in an area of tight tolerances and precision accuracy. It is important to keep all firearms properly cleaned and maintained for maximum safety. Ask your local gun store owner about the benefits of protective coatings that help ensure enjoyable gun ownership.

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