Sunday, August 2, 2015

Symptoms And Treatment Of Navicular Disease

By Kathrine Franks

Horses are more prone to foot diseases as they use them a lot. It is important to keep your horse's foot healthy and for that you will need to do regular inspections and checks otherwise once a disease is contracted its hard to find a cure completely. One of such problems that occurs in horses is the navicular disease. It affects their foot adversely and its hard to cure as well.

Although you may find some treatments that work well but to completely cure this disease is often considered as pretty hard. But if you keep persistent with the treatment process your horse will recover and would be able to function as normal.

Never disregard the well being and prosperity of your horse because if it is left ignored for a long time it could prompt antagonistic influences later on. It would affect the general health and well being of the animal and this is something which is avoidable if necessary steps are taken promptly. Just keep an eye on the animal and if you discover any changes in his behavior or health then act in an instant manner.

This disease is usually found in horses who are older than five years. Which means when yo know that your horse is getting old enough you should try to take care of him even more often than before. There are a few symptoms that you could take as reference points and as soon as you feel there is something wrong with the horse of if he is not acting normally then its better to go to a vet.

The root cause of this problem is yet to be identified which is another unfortunate thing. Till this day, certain researches are under progress so that the cause of this problem could be finally identified. Once the root cause is found then it is most likely that this disease could be prevented completely.

Some people remain careless when it comes to the health of animals which is not good at all. What they do not realize is that they are making those animals suffer and there is no excuse for that. Being an owner, it is your responsibility to care for the horse and make sure that he is not in pain and if there are any complications, he is provided with appropriate type of treatment.

There is a surgical procedure which could also be performed but only in those cases that have gotten worse through time. Sometimes the medications and other treatments do not work at all which means you have no other option but to let your horse undergo a surgery. Bear in mind that the recovering process is quite longer than usual so be prepared.

Besides providing him medical care, the horse would also need plenty of love and affection because a little affection from your side could do a lot for him. Try to comfort him throughout the recovery process. It is an unfortunate thing that any horse could get affected by this disease but if you care for the horse properly and maintain his feet through thick and thin then it is most likely that you could avoid this from happening.

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