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Comprehending Auto Immune Disorders Charlotte

By Jeffrey Robinson

The immune system protects the body against diseases and other infections. This helps it to stay healthy and fight off infections that seek to weaken it. However, those with auto immune disorders Charlotte have their immune system attacking other healthy cells in the same body mostly by mistake. These diseases can affect a number of parts in the body. There is no sure cause of what causes this anomaly and to date nobody can state definitely, what the main culprit is.

Studies indicate a strong correlation existing between closely related members and this condition. Women are more susceptible especially those of certain ancestry including Hispanic-Americans, African-American and Native-American. There are over eighty different types of disorders. However, some have similar signs and symptoms. This is what makes it hard for the caregiver to find out exactly what is wrong. The diagnoses are frustrating and stressful.

The very first signs and symptoms that occur are cases of fatigue, low fever and muscle ache. However, the most identifying one is inflammation, which causes redness, feeling heat and swelling. When the disorder progresses for a while, flare-ups begin. Remission only occurs if the right course of treatment is followed strictly. The primary aim of managing the condition is to stop the inflammation immediately. Competent practitioners in Charlotte, NC administer corticosteroids or other related drugs.

The root cause of these autoimmune diseases is the biochemical process known as systemic inflammation. It results to the body attacking its tissues. Immunity is a natural defense mechanism against invaders. Unfortunately, no system in the body can accurately determine friend from foe. Thus if this system gets confused, it will start attacking tissues. The confusion results from molecular mimicry. To date there is no sure way of finding the cause of the problem. The best that modern medicine can do is to map out the specific molecule being mimicked.

When the body begins attacking its own tissues and cells, it does not differentiate the body and other foreign bodies. It fights off the tissues with the same energy as if fighting infections, allergens and toxins. Such friendly fire becomes very hostile when directed to the brain, joints, thyroid, skin, gut and other parts. At such a point, symptoms become severe and cause serious conditions or death.

What is interesting is the discovery that this condition is only limited to the developed nations. Individuals from third word states never suffer from these diseases. These is in spite of the poor living conditions and lack of important amenities like washing machines, clean tap water, clean toilets that flush as well as a sterile backyard. Those who grew up in farms or around dirt do not suffer from these conditions too.

The unfortunate thing is that many of the conventionally known treatments today make patients feel worse. The anti-inflammatory drugs such as advil, steroids, Enbrel, Remicade and other immune suppressants including methotrexate lead to other worse diseases. Severe symptoms include kidney failure, intestinal bleeding, psychosis, depression, osteoporosis, diabetes, muscle loss and cancer.

The disorders have become a huge burden in Charlotte, NC and the rest of the developed nations. They are one of the ten leading causes of death especially among women. They can shorten the lifespan of victims by up to eight years. The medicines should be used selectively and the root cause of the real problem identified to effectively heal a patient.

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