Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Merits Of Supplements For Pain Relief In Horses

By William Adams

Intense pain is very disturbing and it can even result to death. Therefore, you should ensure that your horse does not face such a situation. The modes of action of the various supplements which are given for pain vary widely. Below is a discussion on supplements for pain relief in horses.

Do no treat pain blindly. This will backfire and the problem will become worse each passing day. Therefore, you should make efforts to make the right diagnosis and then lay down an appropriate management plan.

The body needs glucosamine in order to form cartilage. Remember that abnormal tear and wear and even diseases can reduce the amount of this product in the body. This will affect this essential process. Compensation is important and supplements are an easy way out. Therefore, you should get them without delay in order to save the life of your dear animal.

Chondroitin is another ingredient which is required for normal cartilage formation. However, it also has a role in neutralizing enzymes which cause destruction on the joints. Abnormal wear and injury increase the levels of such enzymes and if they are not checked then they will cause much havoc. Consequently, the horse will experience a lot of pain. It cannot function in such a state. Supplemental chondroitin should be availed in such a scenario.

Sulfur is element which is freely found on the earth. However, its deficit in the horse can affect a lot of processes. It is needed for production of glucosamine, collagen and chondroitin. It is essential in reducing inflammation processes and also pain. Animals can never give their best a particular job when they are in pain. Therefore, you should give this some thought.

Lubrication is needed in all moving parts of the body. Synovial fluid makes this happen and it is rich in hyaluronic acid. However, this acid can be broken down when destructive enzymes increase as result of injuries. Movements become very painful for the animal. It cannot do much but rest. It is of no use to you in such a state and this is why you ought to ensure hyaluronic acid is supplemented.

For the healing process to proceed smoothly the mare should have enough amounts of vitamin C. Open wounds can be very painful especially when they are infected or provoked. This is why you need to offer supplemental vitamin C to injured mares. They will recover in a short while and this will enable you to go on with your normal daily activities.

Everyone who owns a horse can attest to its merits. It can be used for recreation, be listed for championships and also assist in hard activities in the farm. There are very wealthy people in the world who have been able to reach this state by the virtue of using horses to conduct business in one way or the other. However, you can only get good returns if you are taking care of the stallions.

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