Thursday, January 14, 2016

Holistic Medicine Charlotte NC: Answer To Full Recovery

By Dennis Hamilton

Humans are more than physical bodies, in fact, humans are considered sentient beings. As such, treating any form of illness by focusing on the physical well-being alone does not address the problem fully. This explains the need of alternative medicine to complement the conventional treatment methods. In order to fully address the illness, the treatment needs to be focused on physical well-being and emotional, mental, spiritual and even environmental healing. By design, holistic medicine Charlotte NC focuses on addressing the illness from its root-cause. It puts together several treatment methods, both conventional and non-conventional, to give the best possible outcome.

Holistic medicine is more of an approach and not just a one-off treatment procedure. It involves a total lifestyle change whose focus is long-term overall well-being. By design, it focuses on the patient's life as a whole to deliver the most effective treatment plan. The imbalances responsible for the patient's negative effects are addressed by focusing on the emotions, spirituality, physical activity, environment and all other aspects that play a role in the patient's health status.

There are several treatment options that target those who are physically ill as well as those who seem to be fine. The common treatment alternatives include dietary management, detoxification, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, lifestyle counseling, natural supplements, and exercises like yoga and regular exercises.

The conventional medicines have revolutionized the field of medicine, but they still fall short of offering a whole-body approach. This makes full recovery difficult by integrating several types of treatments, holistic medicine is able to heal the body and not dealing with symptoms alone.

It offers the sort of treatment to conditions that cannot be cured with mainstream medicine. In the modern society, people are prone to feeling without purpose, belonging, directing and sense of living. This calls for an emotional and spiritual connection to help the patient maintains the mental and physical health.

After going through a traumatizing experience in life or when undergoing treatment of chronic conditions like cancer or surgery procedure, the use of drugs like painkillers does not offer the recovery. There is a need for counseling, observing proper diet that supply the required nutrients in the required amount and maintaining a certain level of physical and mental activity to attain full recovery.

Several patients that have been treated in this way have praised the method and recommended it to their relatives and friends. This explains the increasing awareness level among the general population. The patients tend to recover fully and are not exposed to pain in the treatment processes.

It works for both chronic conditions like cancers as well as non-chronic conditions like common cold. After going through painful procedures like surgery, the patients are taken through this treatment process to help speed up the recovery time.

It also incorporates natural methods to offer long-lasting treatment. These include regular exercise, proper nutrition, detoxification, yoga, counseling, and other non-invasive treatment methods. The procedure has been adopted in treating several chronic illnesses like ovarian cancer, Glaucoma, and other eye conditions, as well as non-chronic conditions, including drug rehabilitation, stress relief, common flues and colds, overweight among others.

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