Sunday, January 24, 2016

How A Brooklyn Dental Office Helps Families With Healthy Teeth And Gums

By Bob Albert Lewis

The educational process of a family dentist is extensive. High school courses must include biology, physics, chemistry and organic chemistry. After high school a four year bachelors degree is earned. Following that there is a Dental Admissions Test to take. Dental school takes another four years. A Brooklyn NY Dentist must also finish a post graduate residency.

Your dental health and that of your family will be cared for by a competent professional. Both the parents and the children have their teeth taken care of in the same office. Children who see the dentist at an early age learn that appointments and cleanings are nothing to be afraid of.

Family members will have beautiful and healthy smiles with regular dental care. The highest possible standards will be adhered to. Care starts with regular check-ups and cleanings. Composite fillings, extractions, crowns and root canals are done as needed. Compassionate care includes using modern ways of blocking pain.

A family member may have a special condition, gum disease for example. It will be identified during a regular check-up. Other procedures include porcelain crowns, composite fillings, bridges or dentures as needed.

Your smile can be transformed into a whiter and brighter one with teeth whitening procedures. Coffee, tea or cigarettes may have discolored the teeth. Whitening will not damage the health of your teeth when done professionally.

A dental implant can be used to replace a missing or broken tooth. The implant will anchor into the jawbone. If an empty space is left between two teeth, it will cause the teeth to shift in the mouth and lead to dental problems.

Several implants can serve as anchors for dentures. This provides greater stability for them. Lower dentures can present a problem when it comes to chewing food. An implanted tooth is going to need cleaning just as a natural tooth does.

Other advantages to having the family dentist include saving the first x-rays for future reference. There is concern about unnecessary x-rays being taken. That will not be necessary when yours are on file in the office of your family dentist.

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