Friday, January 22, 2016

Why You Should Get No Prep Veneers Houston, TX

By Martha Lee

Everyone desires that ideal white set of teeth and a pretty smile. Not many people are able to achieve this as a result of issues such as teeth getting chipped, discolored or because of misalignment. In case you are one of the people that have had to deal with this type of problem for a while, veneers may be the best way out for you. Before getting no prep veneers Houston, TX, this is what you should know.

Veneers are simply shell-like structures that are made either from porcelain or resin. They are shaped like the teeth and are attached to the surface of ones teeth to improve the look. They are used to correct crooked teeth, stained teeth, broken teeth, and cracks. A dentist will recommend dental porcelain laminates when methods such as filling, whitening and filling can no longer work.

The original dental porcelain laminates were made in a way that to install them, you would have to make at least two visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist would assess your teeth and recommend veneers. They would then ask for teeth impressions to be used to shape the dental porcelain laminates. People disliked this process because it takes weeks and sometimes even months.

However, things seem to be changing. The concept of no prep veneers is revolutionizing the world of cosmetic dentistry. These are razor thin veneers that measure about 0.3mm and are fitted in a manner that gives you that perfect smile and protects the teeth from any further damage. The best thing about these dental laminates is that your tooth will not have to be shaved down.

When you compare these dental laminates with the older version, you find that the older version was a bit too exhausting. The process would start with using local anesthesia to numb down your teeth. This would be followed by the use of files and drills to remove parts of the existing enamel. The dental porcelain laminates would then be attached to the tooth using adhesive and filed into the perfect shape. The pain endured, and time taken discourages people from using these dental porcelain laminates.

Time convenience is another reason people opt for the no fit. With the older version, you would have to wait for days, sometimes even weeks before you got the teeth you dreamed of. This would not be convenient if you had an event such as a date, where you have to look your best. With the new option, you will get the dental porcelain laminates within one visit to the dentist.

When people go for these cosmetic procedures, they want the best results. This means looking good and preserving the tooth from further damage. Many people feel that shaving down the enamel does not end well for the tooth in the long run. It is better to have the veneer that is being placed without hurting the existing tooth.

The no fit veneers have really revolutionized the world of cosmetic dentistry. They are a perfect solution for people with teeth that have been weakened by chipping, cracking, misalignment and other weaknesses. You can be assured that you will never regret trying these new innovative dental porcelain laminates.

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