Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Natural Remedies For Treating Swollen Gums

By Jerry Butler

Swollen gums lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. The cause of swelling could be bacterial attack, injuries, infections and others that need expert diagnosis. You may also experience bleeding and a feeling of additional space between your teeth. Around you are natural remedies for treating swollen gums that relief your pain and have no side effects.

Clove has been used for medicinal purposes over centuries in different communities. It can be used whole or in the form of extracted oil. Clove oil is mixed with pepper and applied on the affected area. It will treat the pain as well as the inflammation. You may also choose to chew cloves, an act that has a relieving effect on the swelling.

Ginger remains a common health and medicinal plant beyond the preferred dietary uses. Ginger is prepared by crushing into paste and mixing it with table salt. The resulting paste is then rubbed on to the inflamed part. The relief is instant. Applying the paste twice or thrice a day will help clear the swelling.

Lemon adds another medicinal intervention purpose beyond the other uses it is known for. Lemon remedy is prepared by boiling one medium sized lemon in a glass of water and taking the resulting soup twice a day. Gaggle the mixture in your mouth for several minutes before either swallowing or spitting. You may also choose to rub lemon directly on the inflamed surface. Rose flower essence is also used to enhance lemon and applied twice or thrice a day.

Warm salty water provides quick and temporary relief. Preparation is simple since it requires you to add a tablespoon of salt onto a glass of water. The mixture gaggles in the mouth for two minutes before spitting. Ensure that you interrogate the root causes of your swelling to make the remedies more effective.

Baking soda is an effective home remedy for gum swelling. Baking soda is mixed with turmeric extracts and used to massage the affected area. It will clear all the bacteria and infections on the gums and thus bring pain relief. Baking soda can be used when brushing your teeth on regular basis as a preventive measure.

There are natural oils that are used to deal with swelling either independently or as a mixture. They include tea tree, chamomile and peppermint. These oils remain effective individually but can be added onto your toothpaste as a preventive option.

Castor seeds are very effective in dealing with inflamed gums within a short time and with a lasting effect. The oil is mixed with camphor and applied on the affected area. It helps to arrest both gum bleeding and swelling. The mixture should be applied twice daily.

There are more home remedies that include Lawsonia Inermis leaves, bark of Babul, honey and Aloe Vera, among others. It is advisable to work with your doctor to avoid negative effects like allergies. Your doctor will also assist you to find a lasting solution to the swelling.

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