Friday, January 22, 2016

How Transformation Takes Place Along With A Music Therapist

By Susan Kennedy

Most people find that it is music that helps them get through stressful situations. This can do so much for your life, and this is why a good music therapist will be able to guide you through minor and major disorders as well as various situations. Of course, a person like this has to know the about the various methods and techniques and there is a lot of training that one has to go through.

Of course, this will differ from person to person and also from every situation that you are going through. There are people who benefit from this sort of therapy because of a mild situation that they may be going through. However, it can be very serious as well. For example, this can help someone who has autism or attention deficit disorder.

For patients in Maine who have faced a lot of trauma in their life, they may not feel as they can be expressive with a psychologist on a one on one basis. However, things may be able to change when dealing with a therapist who specializes in music. These patients will start to express themselves in another way, and in doing so they will start to feel a great sense of freedom.

Someone who battles expressing themselves may have been through a lot of trauma in their lives. This can relate to someone who has been abused in one way or another and does not know how to put this into words. However, once they start to hear the music, they will start to feel something inside them change as well.

There are different instruments that are used, depending on the client and the situation. One may start with something gentle and move on as you go through the process, and build up confidence. Of course, the therapist always has to check up on the patient to make sure that they are not overwhelmed. The instruments will activate different parts of the brain, so this is something to think about.

Those children with attention deficit disorder will also take advantage of something like this, other on a one on one basis or in a group. They will learn to focus as this is what these children have a problem with. They will participate in dance and songs involving various activities related to music which will release some of the energy.

A lot of people who have severe anxiety or panic attacks have been known to have a lot of music on them the whole time and this is what they turn to when they are experiencing some form of distress. When a patient feels that they are going to have an anxiety or a panic attack, they will try and get themselves to a quiet place and put their earphones on.

Patients who suffer from Alzheimer's disease find that this is often the best way forward when they are disciplined about their routine. Listening to the piano everyday can be very helpful to someone like this. They will start to feel more relaxed. They will also feel as if they are less frustrated and this is a common occurrence for these patients. Music can do wonders for a situation like this, so it is definitely something to think about, otherwise frustration is just going to kick in.

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