Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Guide To Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery

By Ronald Patterson

For those individuals who struggle with their weight and are also at a high risk of contracting other illnesses because of their weight, then their doctor might recommend them to get the gastric banding surgery done. Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is another name for gastric banding and you can get it done quite easily if you live in New York.

The band is set up to guarantee that you can't eat more than a specific measure of sustenance. It is an exceptionally regular kind of weight reduction surgery and the motivation behind why its called laparoscopic is on the grounds that a small camera named laparoscope is utilized to see inside the patient's stomach amid the system.

Obese people who are at high risk are the ones who are offered this sort of treatment. Other than that, you can get it done on your own if you've got the necessary funds as there are private clinics and hospitals who offer such treatment. It is no doubt, a very effective treatment and helps you to loose weight in the long run but before recommending this treatment, your doctor would always recommend you to start with good exercise routine and change your eating habits.

Once you undergo this surgery, your whole lifestyle will change to a certain extent so, never consider it as a quick fix. In order to avoid getting caught with complications, try to maintain good exercise routine and eat a balanced diet once you are done with this procedure.

To identify who should get this treatment done, doctors would normally look at the current body weight of their patients and their BMI. Usually if a person's BMI is more than 40, he will be advised to consider this treatment. In terms of weight, if a male is 100 kg over weight and a female is 80 kg over weight then they could be considered for undergoing this treatment.

Like every other treatment, there are certain risks involved with this one as well. You should get familiar with all the risks and side effects before undergoing this treatment. In order to make sure you are fit and healthy to get the treatment done, your doctor will advise you to go and get some important tests done so that it can be established you are fit for the procedure.

It is the responsibility of your doctor to explain the whole process so that you know what would exactly happened. On the day of surgery, you would be advised not to eat or drink anything apart from medications given by the doctor. During the procedure, the stomach needs to remain empty and clean so this is the reason why you should abstain from consuming anything a night before the operation.

Normally, the patient is discharged on the same day of his operating if everything goes smoothly and according to the desired plan. You may resume your normal day to day activities after a day or two when you start to feel a bit better but try to abstain from heavy physical activities for a week or so. You have to remain careful in what you eat and strictly follow the diet plan given by the hospital.

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