Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ways To Conduct Effective Emotional Abuse Counseling

By Sharon Brooks

Emotional harassment is one of the most torturing experiences in the life of a person. The fact that it is insidious and elusive makes it very hard to detect. May people realize when it is too late and maximum damage has been done. Psychological harassment mainly works on the confidence and self worth of a person. Unfortunately, abuse has become very rampant lately. Abuse is experienced in friendships, relationships and between family members too. Emotional abuse counseling is one of the ways to solve this problem.

Shaming, manipulation, and intimidation are some of the other ways that tormentors get to control and subjugate their victims. The habit is brought about by one having childhood wounds and insecurities that have not been dealt with effectively. These abusers do not have any healthy ways of adapting hence resort to bullying others. Due to that, such people cannot sustain meaningful relationships. They often feel powerless, angry, fearful and hurt. Most times, they are victims of personality disorders such as narcissistic, borderline or antisocial personality disorders. Patterns of harassment include aggression, denial and minimizing.

Many times, victims try to cope by adopting mechanisms such as minimizing and denial. Prolonged abuse can lead to several signs and symptoms in the person. These signs include things such as depression or anxiety, increased isolation from family and friends, agitated behavior or being fearful. Among other manifestations of this condition is lowered confidence and esteem, addiction to drugs and escapist mannerisms. This person is usually so damaged that he or she feels worthless.

Once you notice that your behavior has started to change, it is perhaps time to seek professional assistance. You will notice that you can no longer find satisfaction in your social life or work. You will have to start by determining whether the changes are conflicted or abusive. One can do this reality check by using the information in books, the internet, counselors or health professionals.

The city of Seattle, WA has very many professionals who can treat your condition. Not all of them are as effective, however. Some of them are beginners and hardly understand the full extent of the disorder or treatment procedure. To be on the safe side, consider hiring a counselor who has enough experience. Experience increases understanding and hence efficiency.

Before any medication can be used to treat the person, the health worker has to understand the disorder that he or she is handling. This means that he or she will have to ascertain information from the victim. These sessions are designed to enable the practitioner to understand the patient clearly. This is done through communication. Effective communication skills are paramount, therefore.

You can also check out the reputation of this expert before getting started with him or her. This can be done through using references. Contact former customers of the service provider and get to know their opinions and views on this therapist. You can also use online customer testimonials to familiarize more with the professional.

The person should crosscheck with the Better Business Bureau for more information on this professional. This bureau will have information on the service record of this specialist over the years. Any information on cases with customers will be found here. One should choose a therapist who has affiliations to professional associations in the community.

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