Friday, June 10, 2016

Coping With Emergency Extractions Houston

By Barbara Howard

Dental problems never seem to occur at a convenient time. Anyone requiring emergency extractions Houston will need to find a good emergency dentist in Houston, TX. Most dentists will try very hard to see people who are in pain or discomfort and will provide essential treatment to make them feel more comfortable. Anyone who has toothache should always try to contact a dentist as soon as possible as sometimes prompt treatment may save a badly damaged tooth.

Removing a tooth is always the last possible option and a dentist will only take out a tooth if there is no other choice. This might be the situation is a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved. Cases where tooth extraction is necessary include badly damaged teeth or teeth that are badly infected. Tooth infections can be serious and removing the tooth may be the best option to help clear up the infection.

Anyone who is in substantial pain or discomfort will find having the tooth removed will make them feel much more comfortable in Houston, TX. Dental extractions are not to be feared. A good dentist will ensure the process is quick and pain-free.

After teeth have been removed, it is essential to look after the empty socket correctly. A blood clot will form which has a protective effect. It is important not to to disturb the blood clot while the empty socket is healing.

If the blood clot is disturbed then there is a risk of developing a condition called dry socket. This is not serious but does mean additional treatment by a dentist in Houston, TX will be required. It will also slow down the healing process.

Most people will find healing is uneventful and quick. If the removal was caused by an infection then it might be necessary to take antibiotics to ensure it is completely cleared up. This is only likely to be necessary if the infection was particularly bad.

Afterwards, unless the tooth is a wisdom tooth, it's important to think about how it will be replaced. This needs to be considered even if the space isn't particularly visible as even missing a single tooth can impact overall dental health. This is because a gap can lead to teeth drifting out of position and may affect a person's bite or will lead to other unsightly gaps opening up between other existing natural teeth.

There are several options for replacing missing teeth that include dental implants, dental bridges and full or partial dentures. There are pros and cons for each choice. A good dentist in Houston, TX will be able to discuss all these choices as it's likely one will be more appealing than the others.

The most cost-effective option is to have dentures which are removable dental appliances, but these can be problematic. The most sophisticated option is to have dental implants which can offer a long-lasting solution after tooth extraction. Dentures are quick to make and the process is very non-invasive. Dental bridges rely on existing natural teeth for support whereas dental implants are self-supporting, closely replicating the tooth root that was removed during extraction.

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