Saturday, June 11, 2016

History Of The Title Breast Cancer Survivor Jewelry

By James Collins

There are various diseases killing many people globally such as cancer. When it is discovered early, chances of it being treated are high although there is no particular cure for it. It affects various parts in the body among breasts for ladies. Many have survived and have lived to share their experiences. Breast cancer survivor jewelry is gifts given to survivors as a way of encouragement.

Those suffering from the disease go through tough times from financial, emotional, and spiritual to psychological challenges. After undergoing treatment, some of them still find it hard to cope with life for long periods. That is the need to support and encourage survivors for it helps them take life positively.

Thousands of people share their stories of how they have survived or managed to live with it for a long time hence the introduction of the word breast cancer survivors. The word has created a common language for people to discuss about survivors issues. Cancer survivor was a word which was usually used for people who have had ailment but are now free from any sign of it for up to five years.

For those who did not make the grades as survivors were called cancer victims worldwide. Such statements could make people suffering from the disease to have less or no hope as its a form of stigma. The more the stories these women shared their stories with others, that is when there was need to change the name to cancer survivor only. Even those that are being diagnosed lately with the ailment, there are provided with hope encouraged them to be active contributors in their worry.

Survivor as a term has been comprehensive as it now includes family, caregivers and friends of any survivor for they are also directly affected. Survivors are not forced to use this word as its optional because everyone has the freedom to use the word that makes them feel better within themselves. Due to this, some call themselves winners, thriver and many more whereas its alright for one not to call themselves any names at all.

The challenge associated with the disease is for everyone to ensure they can stay alive for long and in a positive way. Strength is something they are needed to have especially when one is going for the scans and tests and patiently wait for bad or good news from the doctors. Its important for everyone to understand life must move on irrespective of the outcome.

Breasts are sometimes chopped off for some ladies so as to eliminate the disease completely and this can hurt a lady feelings for thinking she has lost her beauty. But if the society is responsible enough and support them, they will feel appreciated and be able to cope with life. Buying them jewelry with encouraging words written on them has been a norm and has changed the lives of many.

Loosing fertility after treatment of this ailment is something unfortunate as every woman dream is to have kids but its not the end of the road if such a thing occurs and the society should take up the task of encouraging such people.

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