Friday, June 10, 2016

Choose Lumineers Houston For A Stunning Smile

By James Stevens

Veneers are a very good way to perfect a smile, but Lumineers are a special type of veneer. Lumineers Houston are much thinner than ordinary veneers and are made from strong, hard wearing porcelain. With this type of veneer, a dentist in Houston, TX will need to do very little if any tooth preparation.

The lack of tooth preparation is well worth considering. Anybody opting for conventional veneers will almost certainly need to have their teeth prepared. During this preparation a dentist will remove a small amount of material from the front of the tooth, carefully shaping it so the veneer will look wonderful.

Shaping the tooth in this way prevents the new veneer from looking too bulky and from feeling uncomfortable. However, removing any type of tooth material is irreversible. Once the prepared for veneers, these teeth will need to be permanently restored in one way or another.

Tooth preparation of any kind isn't generally required for Lumineers. This is due to their overall thickness which is much thinner than ordinary porcelain veneers. The lack of thickness doesn't affect their strength in any way as they are extremely long-lasting and strong. They are made from a very different type of porcelain compared to ordinary veneers that has a high degree of translucency, creating a very natural effect.

As a dentist in Houston, TX will not need to prepare the teeth in any way, it does mean treatment is easily reversible. If a patient decides they would prefer to return their teeth to their natural state then these special kind of veneers can be easily removed. This would be unlikely to happen as the results of this cosmetic dentistry should look wonderful.

These specialised type of veneers can be used to correct numerous problems with the appearance of teeth. For example, they can be very useful in closing up unwanted spaces in between teeth. Patients also use this type of treatment to correct the position of teeth that might be sticking out of it or which are twisted round. Covering up a tooth with a veneer hides any small chips or cracks, perfecting its appearance and overall shape and size.

Treatment is very versatile and is carefully planned by a dentist in Houston, TX. Each smile is custom-designed to produce long-lasting results. The Lumineers are handcrafted to the dentist's specifications in a specialised dental laboratory, a process that will normally take at least a couple of weeks. As the teeth haven't been prepared, there is no need for them to be protected with temporary veneers which is generally the case with more traditional restorations. With the proper care, these restorations can last much longer than traditional veneers.

Maintaining them is very simple and should feel little different from a normal oral hygiene routine. These special veneers must be brushed at least twice a day and it's important to floss around them at least once a day. Keeping up with a regime of professional checkups and cleanings will help them last longer while ensuring they still look amazing. Many people use their teeth too open packets, but this can easily damage or chipped them, particularly if they have been veneered. It is best not to do this as veneers cannot be mended and would have to be replaced.

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