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Ways Of Teeth Whitening Houston

By Diane Reynolds

It is very common to find yellow stains and discoloration on teeth of many people. These stains usually do not give an appearance of individuals, and hence, there is a need to remove them. The process of removing the stains and discolorations from the teeth is called teeth whitening. All the procedures in teeth whitening Houston should carry out by a recommended dentist.

Teeth discoloration occurs due to various reasons like taking too much tea, coffee and red wine; these drinks contain a black substance that discolors teeth also tobacco making and increases in age may also result in the development of yellow marks on teeth. As people grow old, the teeth enamel releases a yellow substance is known as dentin that makes teeth yellow. Trauma and wrong medication practices applied on them are also reasons for teeth discoloration.

There are various ways of removing the yellow marks on teeth. One way is the application of whitening toothpaste. Chemicals which get rid of the stains are contained in these whitening toothpastes and while brushing the yellow marks are washed away. Since bleaching agents are absent in whitening toothpaste, only stain on teeth surface can be removed by these products.

Application of over-counter whitening goods can also be used in making teeth white again. These products contain peroxide based substances which wash away stains found inside the tooth. The whitening gels are applied on the surface using the toothbrush. The treatment should be done for a duration of up to four months for positive results to be observed.

Whitening rinses are also applied in making teeth white. In this case, the mouth is washed with a rinse containing compounds of peroxides for one minute before brushing. The peroxides remove yellow stains. This practice is done twice a day.

Tray-based tooth whiteners are also another method of whitening. In this way, a mouth guard that looks like try is used to fill the mouth. The guard contains whitening solutions with bleaching agents such as the peroxides. The mouth tray is worn for a given period mainly for specified hours during the day or at night until the given complexion is achieved.

The quickest way to whiten teeth is the in-office whitening. As the name suggest it is performed in the office by a qualified dentist. With this method, the bleaching products are applied directly to the teeth with or without the combination of heat, a laser beam and an extraordinary light. In-office bleaching is a very fast process, and the outcome can be seen just in the minutes time. The disadvantage of this method is that it is very expensive as the patients have to see the dentist on many occasions.

Also, whitening strips may be used to get rid of teeth discoloration. These strips are always combined with the whitening gels, and they contain hydrogen peroxide that is responsible for washing away the stains. Whitening strips are applied two times day for a fortnight.

Baking powder paste may also work as a bleaching agent for teeth because it contains chemicals that are capable of removing yellow stains and discoloration. Baking powder pastes applied onto teeth surface using a toothbrush.

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