Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Guide To Assist You To Understand Diabetic Retinopathy

By Mary Howard

This disorder is a severe sight-threatening condition, which triggers the progressive damage of the retina. Many people develop this disorder because they lack adequate details regarding the disease. Discussed, are six facts about diabetic retinopathy:

This illness is categorized into two groups: the proliferative and non-proliferative retinopathy. The first stage of the illness is the non-proliferative type. In this stage, you may fail to notice any symptoms. The advanced stage of this illness is the proliferative stage. During this stage, you may notice signs such as double vision.

Hyperglycemia is the major cause of this illness. When sugar builds up around the eyes, it prevents the normal flow of blood. Poor blood flow results in the destruction of the eyes. Light-sensitive tissues that are necessary for proper eye-sight are damaged, when sugar builds up around the eyes. Sugar also blocks blood vessels thus, causing poor vision.

The signs of this illness vary from one stage to another. No detectable signs are noticed in the first stages of this illness. If the illness has developed, signs may start to show. For instance, you may experience intense pain around the eye. Also, you may experience double vision. If detected early, this illness can be cured. Therefore, if you notice the signs mentioned above, you should visit a doctor. Earlier treatment will assist you to prevent permanent eye damage.

The progression of this illness will determine the type of treatment you get. If the illness has not developed, it can be cured through physical activity. However, if the illness has developed, it can be cured through surgical procedures. These surgical procedures will facilitate the removal of the destroyed cells. The costs charged for treatment vary from one place to another. In Bethesda, MD, the prices charged are fairly cheap. Before finding a doctor, make inquires on price. Ensure that you select a doctor that will offer quality services at a fair price.

This illness is normally common in people who have been diagnosed with illnesses such as hypertension. Other risk factors may include age and obesity. Older people are more vulnerable to developing this illness. If you are above the age of sixty, you should consider going for regular check-ups. These check-ups will assist you to detect this illness before it progresses. Also, if you are overweight, you should consider indulging in physical activities that will assist you to lose weight.

This condition can be prevented through the regulation of blood sugar. People that have normal blood sugar levels are less likely to contract this disease. Also, this disorder can be prevented through the regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure. You can regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol by embracing healthier dietary patterns and by exercising regularly.

It is important for you to learn ways to prevent the damage of the retina. This illness can pose a serious threat to your eye sight. The facts listed in this article are important as they will help you to understand more about this illness. This article will assist you to learn more about this illness.

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