Monday, January 23, 2017

For Treating Tooth Pain Houston Dentist Are The Best

By Jerry Moore

A severe toothache has been described as one of the worst forms of pain any ordinary person will ever experience. A toothache seems to lodge in the brain, dominating existence and making it very difficult to think about something else, to concentrate on everyday tasks or to eat. Taking painkillers will only provide relief for a short period. When struggling with tooth pain Houston patients should not delay a consultation with a dentist.

Any toothache, even if it is not severe, is a sign that there is a problem somewhere. If the problem is ignored, the toothache will only get worse. Painkillers are not the answer and they will not solve the underlying cause of the toothache. The only course of action is to see a dentist as soon as possible. Waiting will only serve to worsen the condition and can necessitate more drastic treatment.

If a dentist cannot be seen almost immediately many sufferers use painkillers to ease their toothache. Painkillers can help, but only for a short period of time. Abusing painkillers for more than a day or two can easily lead to other medical problems. The answer may lie in the use of natural remedies. One such remedy that works well is to mix salt, pepper and water and to gargle with it. The mixture not only helps to bring relief, but it also helps to prevent inflammation.

Fresh garlic has also been proven to help with toothache. The garlic is crushed and a small amount of salt is added. This mixture is then applied to the sore teeth and the gums. Garlic boast very effective antibiotic properties and can do much to prevent infection from developing. This remedy can be used several times each day and sufferers can even chew on fresh garlic for almost immediate relief.

Plain old fashioned onions also serves as a highly effective painkiller. When raw pieces of onion are chewed sufferers will almost immediately notice the results. If the affected tooth makes it difficult to chew the raw onion can simply be rubbed on and around the sore tooth. Onions have very strong antibacterial properties and they can help prevent infection from developing. After chewing the onion, the mouth should be rinsed with a salt and water mixture.

The very best solution is, of course, to do everything possible to prevent toothache from developing. This requires a strict oral hygiene regime. The teeth should be brushed with a good quality toothbrush at least twice a day or after eating or drinking. A new brush should be purchased at least every six months. Avoiding bad foods such as sweetened cool drinks and snacks, alcohol and tobacco can also help prevent oral problems from developing.

Even when no problems are experienced it is imperative to visit a dentist regularly. Dental practitioners recommend a visit every six months but never less than once a year. During routine checks latent problems can be diagnosed and treated before more serious problems develop. It is also important to know that oral conditions such as infection can easily infect other parts of the body and eventually pose a real and serious health threat.

Toothache can indeed cause severe misery, but it can be prevented by paying attention to oral hygiene and by visiting the dentist regularly. Ignoring either visual or sensory signals that a problem exists is simply foolish. After all, everybody wants to boast a confident smile.

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