Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Managing Weight Problems In Gastric Sleeve Surgery Houston Hospitals

By Douglas West

Obesity has become a menace with a growing prevalence rate especially here in Houston. Being a lifestyle condition, it has proved difficult to manage through natural remedies such as exercise. If not controlled, obesity increases the chance of occurrence of other life threatening conditions such as diabetes. Medical procedures are necessary for the effective reduction of unnecessary weight. Gastric sleeve surgery Houston hospitals are able to medically treat obesity.

This kind of surgery involves the removal of part of stomach along the outside warp. The capacity of the original stomach is reduced to the shape of a sleeve that is a thin tube which runs the original distance from the esophagus to the upper part of the small intestine. Other than this adjustment, the other parts of digestive system continue to function normally. This feature is what distinguishes this kind of procedure from a gastric bypass whereby adjustments are done to most parts of the digestive system.

This operation involves the surgical removal of a large chunk of the stomach, to only remain with a tube connecting the esophagus and the small intestine. The procedure strategically reduces the size of the stomach and changes its shape to that of a simple tube.

The procedure does not involve rerouting. The system functions normally thus does not cause any anomalies. Gastric problems such as ulcers rarely develop. It is therefore the safest method in treating patients with other unsafe medical conditions. Those suffering from extreme levels of obesity can easily be treated using this procedure.

Gastric sleeve is preferred by many patients because there are few negative effects associated with it. The chance of occurrence of stomach ulcers after the procedure is significantly minimized. Moreover, there is no major restriction that may cause nutrient deficiency to the patient.

A number of disadvantages are associated with this procedure. Most people are reluctant to undertake it because it is an irreversible process. Once undertaken, the size of the stomach cannot be reversed back to the original. Sleeve surgery is growing in popularity as it has a very high success rate in terms of causing weight loss.

People who are considering this kind of treatment must first seek recommendations of known surgeons. Carefully evaluate the options available before settling on the best option. Choose a medical center which is known for performing the procedure with a high success rate. Houston is known worldwide for provision of quality medical services. The surgeries are done at fair prices. With medical insurance, patients get faster and quality service. Choosing the most suitable hospital will require careful consideration of different packages offered. You may rely on recommendations by medical experts and a known clinician.

If suffering obesity and its related complications, make the decision to undergo this procedure. In addition to the myriad of benefits attached to it, you only spend a reasonable amount of money to have your condition corrected. Furthermore, the treatment continues to positively impact on your weight loss journey for a long period of time.

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