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Important Information On Neck Pain Russellville

By Betty Powell

Generally, many people experience stiff or painful necks that usually get better after several days or some weeks. In most cases, it does not indicate anything serious. However, the pain may persist for several months which could be a sign of a serious medical condition that require to be addressed. For better results, early interventions on neck pain Russellville may be necessary.

The neck or your cervical spine is usually a network of bones, joints, nerves and muscles coordinated by either the brain or the spinal cord. It serves the purpose of strength, nerve communication and facilitating stability. Certain issues contribute to the neck pains that people get. For instance, when your nerve pathway gets irritated, you may get the aches in the shoulders, hands, head, and arms.

Usually, there are a number of factors that may cause painful necks, these include poor sleeping positions, long use of computers leading to muscle straining due to wrong positioning. In addition, stress and anxiety which could strain the muscles resulting in too much pain due to the tension exerted. Other contributing factors include joint and bone abnormalities, tumors, trauma and degenerative diseases.

There are also a wide range of symptoms of this condition. One of the symptom is stiffness that makes it difficult to turn the head. Another symptom is stabbing or sharp pain in a particular spot. Also, a person may feel tenderness or soreness of the general area, or a painful situation radiating down into your arms, shoulders, and fingers or up into your head.

Sometimes, the symptoms associated with painful necks can even be more problematic. Such symptoms are such as a numbness, tingling or weakness that goes into the arms, shoulders and fingers, trouble lifting or gripping objects, loss of bowel or bladder control, as well as difficulty walking, coordination and balancing. However, minor painful necks are often ignored. At the same time, the pain could be so agonizing interfering with daily activities. Also, the ache could be short-lived, constant or recurrent.

In Russellville AR, painful necks can be diagnosed in various ways. One way is via x-rays. The x-rays may reveal narrow spaces between spinal bones, slipped discs, tumors, diseases such as arthritis, instability of the spinal column, and fractures. Another noninvasive procedure known as magnetic resonance imaging may also provide more details on nerve-related elements, as well as ligament and tendons problems.

Other diagnostic methods are such as CT scan or myelography which is sometimes used instead of magnetic resonance imaging. Also, electro-diagnostic studies may be used in diagnosing painful neck, arms, shoulders as well as tingling and numbness.

Usually, treatment of the soft tissues of the neck may include the use of anti-inflammatory medications. Also, the physician may recommend the use of pain relievers. However, depending on the source of the painful condition, muscle relaxers and antidepressants can also be helpful. The painful condition could also be treated using local application of ice or moist heat, and exercises can also be helpful. Nevertheless, if spinal cord or nerve roots are involved, surgical procedure might be necessary, although your doctor should recommend the most appropriate cause of treatment.

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