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Reasons Why Gastric Bypass Surgery Houston Is The Most Common Bariatric Procedure

By Arthur Cox

In a world of foods with too many calories, many of us can become obese. People who are overweight are at a greater risk of suffering from lifestyle illness such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. To reduce such a probability, Individuals tend to undergo bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass surgery Houston is one of the procedures which involves reduction of the stomach volume so as to restrict our food intake and absorption.

A person who is very obese, body mass index of 35 and above, can be a beneficiary of such an operation. Since one can exercise yet fail to limit the intake of calories, it usually is a complicated process to cut on body fats. These individuals should try shrinking their stomach size surgically. For persons with severe medical conditions such as heart disease and obstructive sleep apnea, this procedure can help them reduces weight and therefore improving their health.

The procedure involves dividing the stomach into two, a small section called the pouch and a larger lower section known as the bypass. The surgeon will then connect a part of your small intestine to the pouch. The pouch is where the food you eat will get into. It is relatively smaller compared to the total volume of the stomach thereby making you feel full faster. The jejunum prevents any absorption in the lower stomach.

The operation team can use either open incision technique or laparoscopic surgery. The former involves a surgical cut on the belly. The principal organs, and stomach and the small intestines are worked on after that. Laparoscopy is rather simpler. It involves between 4 to 6 cut in your tummy. The needed equipment and the scope are then put into the cuts. With the camera connected to a video monitor, the team can carry out the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Unlike the other method, using a laparoscope minimizes complication and reduces hospital time.

This surgery has a lot of advantages. The excess body weight is significantly reduced. Also, individuals can avoid serious medical condition from the operation. For example, type 2 diabetes can be prevented in patient with pre-diabetes. People with diabetes can have their condition reversed by up to 90% due to the normalization of the blood sugar level. One will be assured of involvement in family and social activities due to the perfect physical health. The mortality rate is also reduced.

Many surgical techniques have some drawbacks. GBP is not an exception. A patient may experience inflammation in the stomach region, and some may vomit from excessive eating, and other may suffer from poor nutrition. Due to stitching, one may have scars which can cause blockage of the bowels.

As a patient, you should follow the post-op dietary guidelines so as to avoid the risk of complications. With the help of a doctor or a dietician, you are required to create a schedule which will guide you through the different phases. Primarily, you should start with clear liquid, then pureed food. After a few months, you can eat soft food and maybe then solid food.

If you run out of options, try GBP. It is effective in reducing the excess body weight. It also helps the obese prevent and reduces some serious health condition. It can change your lifestyle and enable you to take part in any social activity.

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