Monday, January 23, 2017

How To Manage Neck Pain Greenbelt MD

By Kimberly Brooks

At one point or another, anybody can experience discomfort around the upper body and sometimes on the surrounding body parts. There are myths surrounding neck discomfort that people think that it is a complication that is common to the people of old age. Though the aching may range from mild to chronic, there is always a reason as to why one would experience these discomforts. Some of these may not be explained even by the health practitioners but there is always a reason as to why the muscles around this area get strained. To help reduce the distress here are ways on how to manage your neck pain Greenbelt MD.

One of the most commonly causes of this distress around the upper body is due to excessive straining of the underlying muscles around the area. This may be triggered by several factors which may include poor sleeping postures, bad posture on the lower vertebrae, arthritis, injury, infection, meningitis, spinal stenosis of the cervix which can be caused by narrowing of the necks spinal canal.

No matter how mild or chronic the discomfort maybe it is not a good idea to ignore the problem. This is because neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body which can affect the way our brain works. In other cases, the aching may spread to the spinal canal making urination a problem.

Another type of discomfort is the neck torticolis. The primary cause of this intricacy is not known. People who suffer from this condition normally experience pain when moving the head and in other cases the head may twist on one side. Though the complication is thought to be caused by excessive straining of the muscles around the shoulder, it is common for people to wake up with acute Torticolis after a good night sleep.

When one experiences such symptoms it is always advisable for them to visit a qualified health practitioner within Greenbelt region who will help in examining the real cause of the pain. Though the discomfort can be relieved by use of common pain killers, it is good to take the medication under doctors instructions.

Another home remedy is taking a hot bath. When experiencing neck discomfort, taking a hot shower twice a day can help reduce the pain by increasing blood flow which is rich in nutrients. Cold showers should be avoided during this time as they inhibit the flow of blood and also increase inflammation.

Basically 80% of our spinal discs are comprised of water. As we continue to age, the ratio continues to decrease. To maintain a healthy spinal alignment and disc height our bodies need to be well hydrated. Drinking water daily helps maintain the cervical disks as well as reducing neck pain. City Greenbelt MD has practitioners who can help manage such irritation.

When one is depressed or is anxious he or she may experience neck discomfort and in other scenarios one may experience irritation on the throat especially when they are taking a meal. This can cause more health complications and it calls for medical attention in order to manage the condition before it becomes severe. There are quite of practitioners who are practicing in city Greenbelt MD.

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