Saturday, January 28, 2017

Progressing With Child And Adolescent Therapy Orange County CA

By Mark Taylor

Children and teenagers are exposed to mental disorders just as much as adults are. Unfortunately, parents are often not aware of the signs and symptoms. They only become more aware of the problems later on in their lives. This is why one needs to be on the watch out for a change in behavior and take action early on. Child and adolescent therapy Orange County CA can make all of the difference in a case like this.

Young children may be suffering without parents being aware of what is happening. They may start to wet the bed. Nightmares can be common. They will walk around with a sense of fear. They may refuse to go to school and become isolated, staying in their room. Often, this can be the case of abuse which parents have not been aware of.

As children get older, the more severe personality disorders begin to show up. It can relate to borderline personality disorder, bipolar and schizophrenia. It can be devastating for the entire family because someone like this will have to deal with the disorder their entire lives. They will often have a lot of horrific symptoms to deal with. Therapy can be very helpful.

The creative non-verbal approach can also be useful. Some children will not trust a therapist and are not expressive. However, when they are exposed to an environment where they have to draw or paint, they will be more honest in what they are doing and how they share their problems with the person who is trying to help them.

There are certain things to be aware of in the case of adolescents and teenagers. Sometimes there is a change in the way in which they behave. They may start to withdraw, become angry and moody. They may prefer to stay away from social events. Parents often mistake a teenager who is depressed and anxious for one that is just going through a stage.

Teachers also need to be more aware of kids. They may prefer to stay in the classroom during break. A lot of kids seem to have more issues when their grades begin to drop. They may start to lose weight or they start to put on weight. It is at this time when a lot of children have eating disorders and this is something that one has to watch out for.

Younger children can benefit from seeing a play therapist. They are specialized in kids who are having problems at this young age. They may have learning disorders. There may be problems in the home. Some kids may be developing at a slower rate. Sometimes there are disorders that they need to work through.

Parents will also start to notice when a child is being bullied when they are anxious a lot of the time. They may suddenly stop using their laptop. They will retreat to their room. They may be worried when it comes to going to school. Parents will start to see this change of behaviour overnight and it will become worse as time goes by, so it is something to watch out for.

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