Monday, April 8, 2013

A Personal Trainer Del Mar Gives Tips On How To Lose Weight

By Jackie Johnson

In Del Mar, California, lots of people there are desperate to get rid of some pounds particularly during summer when people would flock to the surrounding beach resorts wearing the perfect swimming attire. The great thing about living in Del Mar is that you'll actually find lots of top fitness trainers in this area of California. Actually, many of them have trained a number of celebrities in Hollywood and have helped them to successfully achieve their workout goals.

For those who cannot find the time to go to the fitness center for their everyday workout routines, a personal trainer Del Mar shared some workouts that you can do right here in this city.

Inline Skating

Inline skating is one of the physical activities that's sure to burn a good amount of fats and calories. What's even great is that skating is a fun activity so you won't get exhausted easily despite of the demanding actions associated with this kind of sport. In accordance with the personal trainer Del Mar, doing inline skating for as much as 30 minutes each day can help you to burn up to 425 calories. It's also recommended to alternate medium paced strokes with hard skating to get maximum results.

Jumping Rope

Running is certainly one of the best forms of exercises that can help you to burn lots of calories. This type of physical activity targets your core, butt and legs, and as you know, these parts of your body should be well toned if you want a bikini worthy body.


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is guaranteed to help you lose a great amount of weight and it is for this reason why professional boxers would choose this workout as a preparation for their upcoming match. To get the most out of your jump rope exercises, make use of a rope that comes with handles that could reach below your armpits whenever you stand on the rope upright. To perform this exercise, stand with your feet slightly apart from each other while your body is straightened up and try to keep your jumps low. If you do not own a rope the personal trainer Del Mar suggests that you mimic the same movements even without the use of any rope.

So follow these workouts and you will certainly be surprised at the amount of excess weight that you could lose in only a few weeks of doing these fat reducing workouts. For more tips, look for a personal trainer Del Mar and ask for more helpful advices with regards to losing weight.

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