Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brain Cancer & the Drive Patients Can Have

By Rob Sutter

There's something to be said about brain cancer patients: they have more drive than just about anyone else. It seems like they're able to make the most out of each day, which I feel like just about anyone should be able to do. One story about this condition caught my eye and it was, to say the least, uplifting. It showed me just how great the degree of drive was and how it can push them to do just about anything, regardless of how great the output may be.

An article on told about a brain cancer patient who had run a marathon. Iram Leon has a brain tumor and doctors believe that it will kill him before he reaches the age of 40, which hasn't seemed to slow him down much. In fact, as a runner, he constantly pushes himself more, especially considering how taxing the Gusher Marathon in Beaumont, Texas would be. This is the kind of feel-good story that companies like Voice Against Brain Cancer should key in on.

This is the kind of marathon which Leon was able to show his ability in but his will to win is one that seems to surpass it. The article went into detail, saying that he successfully completed the case with an end time of 3 hours, seven minutes, and 35 seconds. Not only did he complete the case in less than four hours but he did so while pushing Kiana, his six-year-old child, while she was inside of a jog cart. Strength and will to win combined definitely make Leon stand as an inspiration for anyone.

I think that it's common to assume that just because someone has been afflicted like this means that they are no longer allowed to push themselves. If anything, it should only make people more driven in order to work, despite the condition they're under. In fact, they may just be better than any other person competing in an event, running or otherwise. Leon's story has proven that and I hope that it extends to wide reaches so that people understand this more.

Brain cancer is the sort of condition in which many stories exist for it. Research and various findings seem to be the most common topics but what about ones which talk about people in particular? I think that telling about their triumphs, regardless of their conditions, are ones that deserve just as much attention because they allow people to see the brighter side of things. It shows that people can succeed, no matter what kinds of conditions seem to exist in the world.

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