Friday, April 12, 2013

Top Three Exercises for Weight Loss

By Dustin Aaron

The single thing that everyone who hopes to lose weight has in common is that they all desire to lose the most amount of body fat in the shortest amount of time. Exercise choice has a lot to do with how quickly you will lose body weight. This article lists the best 3 workout routines for dropping weight swiftly.

A large number of people believe that jogging is a very good exercise for losing body fat, but that is not entirely true. When you are attempting to lose weight swiftly, you need to steer clear of low intensity endurance type training and turn to explosive power producing practices. This is why sprinting is one of the preferred exercises for losing body weight.

Choose a sports field and mark off a beginning line. Walk something like 20 paces and mark off a finish line. You will execute wind sprints in between these 2 marks. This is executed by sprinting there and back, there and back for a maximum of 4 legs. That concludes 1 wind sprint. Run 20 minutes of wind sprints 3 times a week to grow healthy and nicely toned legs, and to lose weight fast.

Push-ups are frequently neglected by most fitness coaches. This exercise is very good for men who hope to drop a few pounds. The best part is that they can be performed anywhere. Start out by performing five sets of 5 push-ups and slowly work your way up until you can do five sets of twenty repetitions.

It may take a couple of months, but once you are able to do one hundred push ups in one sitting your body will look and feel completely different. The secret is to never get discouraged, just keep pushing along until you create your dreams get to be a reality.

The answer to any weight reduction program is to keep it simple. Over complicating things can destroy all of your progress before you even get going. What could be less complicated than jumping jacks? This is an exercise that anybody can do and it is extremely effective for dropping weight and developing a toned hot body.

Start out with twenty jumping jacks, relax thirty seconds, then go to 19 jumping jacks. Relax thirty seconds then continue on to eighteen, 17, sixteen, and all the way down until you get to zero. Relax as long as you desire between sets, but always work on decreasing your rest cycles until you can get to 30 second rest cycles.

Do you notice a trend here? The way to attain your dream body is to continue being simple. Many people tend to over complicate strategies and then they get overwhelmed. This triggers most individuals to give up long before they see any gains. Continue to be simple, and be consistent. Persevere and you will be the lover of a brand new fantasy body.

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