Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How An Ayurveda Test Can Balance Bodily And Mental Well-being

By Benjamin Adams

Using an ayurveda test, one can gain an understanding of how one's body responds. Every dosha, or body type, comes with physical and mental weaknesses and more efficient cures. There are only three doshas, but ten combinations reveal the unique body types people can have. When one knows one's prakriti, or dosha combination, one is able to enhance one's mental and physical health and bring improvements to one's relationships.

Diets for individual doshas vary, and people can benefit from a different eating plan that is unique to their constitution. The correct diet for one's dosha will also enhance one's energy. People with imbalances between their minds and bodies are believed to be more prone to disease.

There are a number of different dosha tests. Some are highly detailed, looking at a variety of physical symptoms. Others take an in depth look at personality and physicality at the same time. Less detailed tests ask fewer questions about physical characteristics and others ask questions about personality only.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, each individual has their own balance of doshas. They will have a single dominant body type, and to achieve their best health, they need to balance the three doshas. This balance can be achieved by changing one's lifestyle.

Vata body types are small-boned, sensitive and creative. They feel most comfortable in hot, humid weather, and can become dehydrated. To balance their body types, they need to keep away from stress and feel in control of their lives. When they feel as though their lives are unmanageable, they tend to lose weight. Their digestion becomes imbalanced when they are stressed.

Vata body types like change, but their tendency towards racing thoughts can make them overly energetic. They need to avoid the cold, as they are highly sensitive to temperature. Ayurvedic Indian head massage with almond, sesame or other heavy oils can help to keep them warm. When they feel energetic, their workouts should be flexibility-based and light.

People with medium builds, ruddy skins and competitive traits are Pittas. They have good appetites and require a well balanced eating plan that includes all five tastes in their meals. Low calorie diets don't enhance the health of Pittas. Instead, they need a unique balance of protein, fruit, vegetables and grains.

Pittas enjoy sweet and bitter foods, but don't feel at their best when eating spicy meals. Peppers, chilies and salsas can make them feel too hot. It's important that Pittas eat food that is freshly made. Their strong digestive systems allow them to eat raw meals that other body types struggle with, but this should only be done if it doesn't cause constipation.

The intensity in Pitta personalities needs to be restrained. They have fiery characters that can be calmed by omitting heat. They should keep their temperatures low and avoid foods that heat the body. They also need to stay away from intense conversations.

Kaphas need to be pacified because their bodily fluids can become imbalanced. Too much fluid can bring concentration problems and illness. Kaphas tend to become depressed easily, but at their best they are forgiving, calm and patient. An ayurveda test gives one a starting point so that health can be maximized.

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