Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Going To The Doctor For A Checkup

By Adela Beasley

People sometimes will put a doctor on a pedestal and give them much more power than they deserve. Sure, they are part of a profession that is special and they have the knowledge and experience to do amazing things. While this might be true, they are still people just like you and me and they deal with the same things that we do.

A doctor needs to realize that when they are dealing with people who need their help that the person is often very scared or at the very least very nervous. It is their job to put that person at ease before they even start to consider what is medically wrong with them. Sometimes it seems that the medical professional is unable to accomplish this simple goal.

Too many people go to their doctor and wait for them to start telling them things. Then when they leave the office they are upset that they did not discuss this or they did not ask that. This is your job during these visits. If you do not take control of the visit then they will and that is not what is going to help you.

When people step into their offices it is sometimes very easy to get anxious and nervous. The calming background music and the magazines are not always enough for everybody. Sometimes we need to be able to calm ourselves and a good way to do this is to just realize that we are going to talk to someone who is just like ourselves.

When going to a medical visit a patient needs to be not just well informed but prepared to ask all the questions they have about what is wrong with them. The patient needs to do some research about their issue and about their medical history. They need to realize that the more information the doctor has the better they can help.

Another thing that everyone should realize is that the person you are going to see is no different than you. They are a regular person with regular problems and concerns as you may have. They have relationship issues and car troubles just like the rest of us. So sometimes they might be having a rough day. If this is the case you should be able to tell, unless they are really good at hiding it.

When they show that they do not care about the patient it usually causes more anxiety because now the patient feels that if something is wrong they cannot count on the medical professional to help them fix their issue. After all that is all the patient wants.

People still need to pay a visit to their general practitioner though. Sometimes people will think that because they are doing something at home that they no longer need their doctor and this is not true. At the same time however, the medical professional needs to communicate with their patient in order for there to be a mutual understanding of what is needed.

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