Friday, April 19, 2013

Buford GA Headaches Relieved Naturally Through Chiropractic Adjustments And Massage

By Allan Bigarda

Up to five percent of adults suffer from chronic, daily headaches. They can be severe and disabling, affecting family, social life and career. Analgesic medications may temporarily dull the symptoms, but do not resolve the underlying issues. A Buford chiropractor safely and effectively relieves headache pain with spinal adjustments, massage and drug-free therapies

Spinal misalignments are a primary or contributory cause of many types of headaches. If vertebrae in the neck or back shift even slightly out of position, they can compress nerves in the spinal cord. When pain signals broadcast by the pinched, irritated nerves travel to the tissues surrounding the skull, the result is a persistent or recurring headache.

Headache patients are thoroughly assessed at the Buford clinic. The chiropractor asks about the location, duration and intensity of the pain and whether it is accompanied by other symptoms. She then performs a physical examination including neurological and orthopedic tests. X-rays of the back and neck are used to locate any spinal abnormalities.

The chiropractor develops an individualized therapy program for each patient depending on their symptoms. Different combinations of chiropractic adjustments and non-invasive remedies are used for tension, migraine, cluster, cervicogenic, and sinus headaches. The aim is to address and resolve the disorders at the root of the problem while providing immediate pain relief.

In many cases, manual chiropractic adjustments can decrease the severity and frequency of headaches. The practitioner gently realigns vertebrae to the correct position. This procedure removes pressure from the spinal cord and releases trapped nerves. Pain decreases as damaged nerve tissue naturally regenerates.

The Buford chiropractor also helps headache sufferers with specific massage techniques. Tension headaches are often triggered by an involuntary contraction of a small area of muscle in the neck or shoulders. Targeted pressure loosens muscle knots to relieve tension and reduce pain. Sinus headaches are effectively alleviated with soothing facial massage to drain fluids and calm inflammation.

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