Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Custom Orthotics In Longmont CO Provide Relief From Foot Pain

By Earlene McGee

Three quarters of all adults have lived with the sharp pain caused by an ankle or foot injury. Most rely on shoe inserts sold over-the-counter for relief, and they can be helpful in some cases. For many people, individually fitted and designed orthotic devices prove more effective. Custom Orthotics in Longmont CO includes personalized requirements and individual needs when making devices that support and encourage recovery.

Orthotics involves the use of braces, splints, or any kind of external device that aids people experiencing problems standing normally or walking freely. They eliminate external stresses to existing injuries or bone mis-alignments in the feet, ankles, knees and hips by reducing pressure. By eliminating any additional irritation to the area they discourage further damage and influence proper positioning.

There are significant differences in the types of pain affecting the foot. Patients experiencing diabetes often develop slowly healing sores, and calluses or bones spurs are a common occurrence for active people. Both types of pain respond to to an accommodating insert. An accommodating devices relieves pressure around a sore or injury, making standing and walking possible while encouraging mobility.

In cases where pain originates from abnormal physical configuration rather than injury, a functional device may be recommended. Functional inserts provide more than a basic cushioning effect, and are generally constructed of materials that are flexible, but much more rigid than foam. They are made from a three-dimensional foot model, and are sometimes used to combat related pain in the knees or hips.

Both orthopedists and podiatrists use biomechanical examinations to produce a beneficial device, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. This type of analysis is meant to detail how a particular person moves when walking or running. All people are slightly different, and those variations must be taken into account when recovering from the effects of surgery to remove heel spurs, hammertoes, or bunions.

A personalized fit is not the only advantage of wearing specially designed inserts. Each foot can be corrected individually, unlike commercially sold products. The materials are durable, are molded to personal contours, and give ample support without added irritation to non-injured areas. They are useful in correcting flat arches, and can be helpful correcting childhood foot problems that can become a liability in adulthood.

Although there has been controversy regarding the efficacy of these types of orthotic devices, it often involved commercially sold products that were not designed by a physician. Doctors have prescribed this type of therapy for several decades, and it has proven effective in many cases. Patients with problems walking due to plantar pain issues experience more mobility, and older people may feel more balanced when walking.

Falls are a leading cause of injury in the elderly population, and these devices provide the support that helps reduce the number of accidents. While not suitable for every patient, people who experience debilitating ankle or foot pain and the resulting loss of physical independence often find lasting relief by wearing these devices. They not only encourage faster healing, but provide relief and comfort from daily pain.

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