Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Look At Triathlon Training

By Ann Watson

Athletics is a very interesting sport to watch. During competition, people may take part in different events. The rewards offered to the winners are really encouraging and many athletes around the world are living comfortable lives after receiving these rewards. In triathlon the participants compete in around three sports which are swimming, running and also the cycling. Triathlon Training is very important to the participants because are able to endure the fatigue that that is experiences when competing.

The initial event performed during the competition is swimming. It is mainly done in open waters like the lakes and the rivers. These are usually deep and therefore good skills are very important. The swim suits are the best type of clothing to put in during the sport so as to ensure one tolerates the varying temperatures. They help and contribute greatly to the buoyancy and therefore one can float with fewer difficulties.

Cycling is usually the second event to be performed during the day of competition. The longest distance is covered during it and therefore one needs to prepare properly so as to complete the race. It is very important to ensure that the bicycle is mechanically okay during the day of competition. Also carry with you the drinking water mainly in a bottle. Then make sure that you bicycle is fitted with clip less pedals.

Then the event that follows is running. This actually determines the winner because one can easily win in all other events but when messes in this stage someone else takes the lead. Training makes one develop strong muscles that helps one endure the fatigue. It also helps one acquire the required skills. It is important for one to determine the most appropriate speed, which one can run maximally till the end of the race during the training period.

At times one is required to run long distances therefore enough training helps the muscle to develop the required power. This helps one run long distances without getting tired easily. With this kind of experience one is likely to win the race. Training also increases the muscle concentration within the body. This make one develop resistance to injuries because the high density formed within the body protects the weaker parts of the body including the joints.

The training helps one develop the right posture which is mandatory for a good performance. This is brought about as a result of good form of the muscles. When a lot of training is done, there are too many fibers that develop. They reduce the time needed for the muscle to be broken down a condition that leads to fatigue.

Good results in completion do not only occur as a result of strong muscles but also on how efficient the job is done. Training increases the efficiency therefore increasing the chances of winning the race. The materials the one must have during the day of competition are, swim suit, bicycle, clip less pedals, water bottle, cycling short, a nice pair of running shoes and the goggles.

Resting period should be included in the in the training schedule, so as to enhance the efficiency. Like after meals it is very important to rest to provide the enough time for the digestion to take place. A good participant should be mentally prepared before the day of the competition

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