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Why Instructional Rounds In Education Improves A Teachers Performance During Classes

By Charles Olson

Pedagogy the discipline that studies the practice and theory of education. This branch of education focuses on teaching vocation or general education. Pedagogy is referred to the Greek word paidagogia which is a synthesis between ago and pais, ago refers to lead while pais refers to child.

Teachers, guides, mentors, and professors have long been the symbol of wisdom and guidance. This sagacity held by the title itself brings out a sense of fear and respect towards the individual who holds it. However not everyone is endowed with such greatness, and maybe in the wrong career path too, but whether you pursue teaching as a way to improve your station in life or because you love young people so much evidently using instructional rounds in education is important in increasing your work experience.

Education is not only found in the halls of elementary and high school institutions. It is also found in many colleges and universities where students pursue their interest in various fields to gain trade skills. Most students who excel in their studies often want to improve their careers by simply pursuing more education and related working experience, but at some point these same students will want to become tutors themselves.

And assess your state through observation and objectively pin point areas for improvement. Every teacher has their own special abilities, talents, and skill and maintaining these areas are essential to conduct successfully a lesson. However in a real classroom setting not many students are able to comprehend or stay focused on a topic without a stimulus.

Teachers who are in the rounds are usually composed of five tutors or three. The residing teacher should inform their students before the arrival of these group. The procedure starts when this group settles at the back of the classroom, so that they are able to observe the situation.

Teachers should not be afraid of joining a round or being observe by one. Because everything that happens in the round stays in it. There are rules to this group and the rule approves of confidentiality, professionalism, and each tutors must not give suggestions unless it is requested by the teacher who was observe.

There are many things to be gained from this advantageous position. However there are also disadvantages as well especially during the observation phase. It is hard for students to act normal during the round because teachers must exert control and influence over the class.

Because it might not help the teacher improve since discussions are often done after class hours. And not many teachers would like to stay after work because they live far away or they do not want to get involve with rush hour traffic. Aside students might not feel comfortable with the group hanging around at the back.

Those who are part of this group should adhere to the rules and regulations as well as the guidelines that keep everything professional and confidential. There are about three rules to follow such as keeping things confidential by not sharing information to outsiders. Debriefing must not include comments except a thorough review of what has happened during the assessment. And most importantly teachers should not give out comments, suggestions, and advices especially when it is not requested by others in the group. Hence it is important that schools allow these.

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