Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some Of The Best Herbs For Energy

By Debra Collins

Whether you are an athlete, a nursing mum, or just anyone who gets drained off their energy in the middle of the day, herbs are supplements you might want to consider to remedy this. Energy drinks and medicated supplements can work for a while but their side effect overlays their merits; herbs for energy on the other hand are natural supplements and therefore have no side effects.

Long before medicine was invented, herbalists still existed and this was the mode of treatment back then and people were doing fine especially since there were no lifestyle diseases that are claiming the lives of many every passing day. People from different background have always been known to possess different herbal techniques that they have passed from generation to generation and below is some of the common herbs that have been used over the years.

Astragalus is known to be among the best herb the world has ever found; its of Chinese decent and has over the years been used to treat kidney disorders, diabetes and in boosting immune systems. With its gained popularity all across the globe, its mostly used in improving ones endurance and stamina and is taken in stews and soups.

Green tea is another popularly known herb that is recognized as an antioxidant which comes with an array of health benefits among them being the ability to boost ones energies. Most people however knows it for its ability to fight sleepiness and keeping one awake when one is drowsy but wants to work on something.

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that has been known for treating various health conditions through its ability to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, prevent heart conditions, and boost energies. Just like most herbal medication, they take to bring about sleeping problem when taken before sleeping and therefore should be avoided to avert this.

Eleuthero, a herb believed to reduce inflammation, enhance ones immune system, relieve pain and lessens fatigue. It can be taken in tea and works by ensuring that the body maximizes the little energy it has and therefore enhancing efficiency. This means that it is suitable for athletes as it enhances endurance and boost stamina which are the two factors crucial in sports.

As its known before taking any medication, consulting a certified physician is indispensable as it is the only way one can be sure they are putting their health at risk. Even more so, there are those that have medical conditions that may not go very well with the herb they are taking and therefore should consider doing some consultation first. Also, the supplements are known to boost ones energies and are recommended to be taken when one is busy and not when going to bed as this will not maximize their potential.

In summation, these supplements can be very beneficial but it is crucial to make sure that there is no underlying problem that is causing the drainage of energy. Its for this reason that seeing the doctor first is important as this way one can be sure that they are not putting their health at risk by masking diseases that will emerge at critical stages which makes them harder to heal.

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