Monday, February 22, 2016

Seeking Emotional Abuse Counseling In Seattle

By Raymond Hughes

You don't have to be physically hurt to feel abused. Behavior that makes another individual feel powerless, worthless, angry, or afraid, may be legitimately described as abusive. If you are feeling anxious or depressed, isolated from friends and family, or if you feel agitated or fearful, you may be suffering from emotionally abusive behavior. It may be time for you to seek emotional abuse counseling.

It is possible to live with emotional maltreatment and not even know it. Once you figure out what is going on, you still might not find it possible to seek out treatment. That is because you may think you love the person, even if you constantly feel like crap. You may even blame yourself. Abuse is not confined to romantic relationships. Employers and work colleagues can inflict emotional damage, too.

You may worry about what will happen to you if you leave your partner. This is a direct result of loss of confidence. Your abuser may have made you feel that you could not cope if you had to manage without them. You may also be afraid of reprisals if you leave them. They may come after you and cause you even more pain than if you had stayed with them.

Some people who inflict emotional damage on those close to them may do so because they were once abused themselves. Such individuals find it difficult to come to terms with their own feelings about their treatment in the past, and may even turn against you and even blame you for their problems. In this case, they may benefit from seeking therapy.

In a perfect world, after a heart to heart talk, you can make your partner realize what they have been doing to you. Once they realize how their behavior has affected you, they may be amenable to seeking therapy alongside you. On the other hand, their behavior may be part of a repeated pattern; maybe they are a psychopath or sociopath who has not been diagnosed.

Such individuals are manipulative, self-centered and dishonest. A small subset of this population provides fodder for the writers of books, movies and television shows about serial killers. Your abuser may fall within this subset of people. If you think they are, then your best course of action might be to up sticks and move on to a new life elsewhere, maybe even across the country.

Individuals with psychopathic tendencies are hard to spot because they are so good at what they do. They are glib and charming, and can maintain the facade of being a great friend, lover or employee; that is, until they get what they want from their victim and move on.

One good place to seek solace is Seattle, situated in the state of Washington on the western coast of the United States. Replete with mountains, evergreen woodlands and crystal clear waterways, the Emerald City can be an ideal location to heal and to reinvent your life. The city has a lively and thriving economy, as well as a flourishing cultural and night life. With tranquility on tap and abundant opportunities for employment, this could be your ticket to a bold new life.

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