Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why It Is Necessary To Have An Energy Healing Session

By Donald Bennett

Many are the times when you get hounded by past thoughts and emotional stress. With time, when these stress and emotions get to possess you entire body, they usually cause blockage of your energy centers. As a result, your body become generally weak and you start appearing physically disturbed. Once you notice such symptoms in your body, you are advised to consult spiritual healers who usually help people to release excess power in their body. These power healers usually conduct energy healing session to individuals who need to clear bad thoughts and memories.

Therapists who lead this sessions are always sicker than the people they are going to heal. This is because during the healing session, they usually assume the feeling of the sick person. That is, they try to be empathetic in the sense that, they will not only feel what the patient is feeling emotionally, but also physically. This is because they have the ability to absorb energy from other people.

In facts, spirituals healing is also about understanding what the patient is feeling. For an individual to become a power therapist, he or she must have the ability to absorb power from the sick. They usually uses their empathy give to become one with patient in spirit. This helps them to get to know what the patient is experiencing and why he or she is experiencing such.

Additionally, power healers undergo a very major challenge when performing this therapy to the needy. This challenge is all about accumulating so many different powers, which may sometime be beyond their control. Once they have accumulated excess spirits, it becomes very risk for their life and in the process, they may get sick. It is advisable that they cleanse themselves every moment they start experiencing feelings of excess power possession.

During the sessions, therapists can use different methods to administer this treatment to patients undergoing emotional stress. One of the commonly used modalities is transmutation method. This mode of healing usually involves absorbing all the power and pain possessed by an individuals in their body. After they have absorbed the power, they are in position to transform and once the transformation process is over, an individual becomes restored.

Due to the absorption of different energies from various people, these healers are bound to experience some symptoms with time especially after taking several people through these session. For example, they become much drained and loss strength. Immediately they perceive such feelings, they ought to release themselves from excess stress and energy in them.

It is always important for spiritual healer to be in a position to know the amount and type of powers they possess. For instance, they ought to note their mood every morning they wake up and before they begin their session. Once they start changing their moods in the course of the day, they should cleanse themselves to relieve their body from excess energy possessed.

After research, it has been found that, among the major traits of these therapists is that they, during their healing sessions, their hands usually become very hot. This is because a lot of power usually pass through their hands. In fact, the palms are said to be power centers that are in position to ready energy from different individuals. In the city Sarasota, FL, these session are common.

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