Friday, February 5, 2016

People In All Age Groups Discover Better Health By Taking Vitamin D3 With K2 Supplements

By Derick Scartel

Research studies indicate the importance of vitamin D for healthy bones. There are two serious conditions that are possible if the amount is insufficient. The elderly may have a higher incidence of osteoporosis and osteomalacia. It is unfortunate that people are not always aware that a Vitamin D3 Supplement can possibly avoid them.

If the levels are too low it may be linked to a risk of type 1 diabetes. It may also raise the incidence of breast and other cancers. Many individuals rely on medicine to lower their blood pressure. Research suggests that the D nutriment might lower that number.

Add to that, the thought that it may reduce the incidence of heart attacks, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Exposure to the sun can increase the level of this nutriment. This in turn has led to a reduction in hypertension, according to a study at a major university.

Medical research also indicates the nutrients D3 and K2, when combined, promote a strong heart and skeletal system. There is a synergistic exchange between K2 and D3. According to recent research, vitamin K is essential to the implementation of calcium within the body.

There are scientific explanations for how this process functions. Simply put, the nutriment K is found to decrease the ability of osteoclasts, a cell damaging to bone, from damaging the bone matrix. When combined the two act synergistically in a beneficial way.

Supplemental D3 and K2 in liquid form may be mixed with a beverage. It will not affect the taste. Taking both together is beneficial, while D without K may not be. When a study was done D alone was less beneficial. Also, the arteries in the neck were negatively affected.

This is understandable since the nutriment D helps to absorb calcium. Calcium makes strong bones and the supplement K2 works to direct the calcium to the skeleton. When calcium is prevented from being deposited in the arteries due to K2, it prevents or slows hardening of the arteries. That is an advantage to your health.

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