Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reasons Obese People Have Gastric Banding And Sleeve Gastrectomy

By Kathleen Brown

Many people fear of becoming fat for the bad reputation it receives from the media. It has become epidemic that affects many individuals everyday across the world. Not only does it compromises the health, but it aggravates other medical conditions that an obese man or women already have.

In New York many clinics and health centers are promoting and advocating to reduce obesity in the community through better food choices. In this time and age it is now easier to reduce weight through invasive procedures. Procedures like Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectomy helps many people reduce their weight and lose fat easier by having their gut dissected and replaced with devices that ensure a limited flow of food into the stomach.

Because it effectively restricts the in take of food while immediately reducing consumption rate for people who eat too much. Both of these procedures are performed by a qualified bariatric surgeon who is referred by your primary health care taker. But knowing the difference between the two invasive procedure helps define if they are high or low risk.

The higher the risk the better the chances of experiencing other ill health effects while lower means otherwise. So before conversing with your surgeon it is best to know reasons why it helps you. The reason why sleeve gastrectomy is preferably to losing weight because it is restrictive.

However malabsorption prevents nutrients and vitamins from being absored into the body system. This effectively reduces weight loss but complications in both categories are still possible. The highly performed procedure are gastric bypass and only about 20 percent of restrictive operations are made each year.

Most develop these after a sudden traumatic events such as a death of a loved one, sexual or physical abuse, and pressure from friends and family. Most factors are often blamed on many advertising agencies that promote popular junk foods as the main cause of fat. Because it entices viewers with mouth watering and delectable foods that promise heavenly pleasure during consumption.

LSG is a first stage surgery which means after twelve to eight months gastric bypass can be performed. The reason since most patients who have excessive weights are more exposed to risks and complications than patients who have reduced significantly after LSG. The liver is smaller compared to its original size, and anesthesia is not as dangerous. LSG and gastric bypass is two sensible but different operations made to high risk patients because it lowers further complication.

And about 99 percent of past clients have given their review and feed back during the course of 24 months. Weight loss happens immediately but does not mean it happens overnight. And gradually food consumption is lessened as each passing day goes by.

Because of the way it restricts food, the brain sends transmitters through the neurons and into the gut to create fullness. A small pouch produces these signals, and when is filled up then the same thing will happen. The most common brand name that GB surgeries uses are called lap bands and is available in different sizes.

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