Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cocaine: No Joke When It Comes To Stepping Into Sobriety

By Mario Bullions

Drugs and alcohol are destroying the lives of many Americans. People often wonder what their future is with drug and alcohol use. It is important to look at life and feel a certain sense of sobriety. Sober living means that we are going to take the time out of our schedule to go to rehab or some other type of drug and alcohol addiction sober living facility. Once someone decides to get sober with their life, they begin to feel a sense of calm. People tend to feel at peace with themselves as they calm their inner soul down. Their spirit is meant to look at a new foundation. It is the feeling of trust that people receive as they look at their own issues.

I recently saw an episode on COPS which showed a man running around their neighborhood naked because of their use of cocaine. Cocaine makes a person run around and feel a sense of change. Change happens when you least expect and you can easily look at your life and say, "Hey, everything is going in a good or bad direction for me."

Cocaine is a problem because it is a costly habit. Many people that take cocaine say that it's a highly addictive drug. It can actually cause a person to have a heart attack. In many cases, cocaine brings a person down to a point where they must seek out help and find change. Change can only happen when people look at their own personal lives and find help for it. Many parents are troubled by their child's drug use.

It is a horrible feeling to know that you are not moving ahead. When we are suffering from emotional pain and sorrow, we tend to want to hide it. Alcohol and drugs makes it easy to do because they are easy to buy. When someone is high, they think that everything is okay and they have a sense of calm. When someone feels like everything is working against them, they tend to go into their own inner world. Change always seems to be a part of every addict's life. When people focus on their own troubles, they begin to feel a lot more open to their own personal lives. I think that in life, we need to feel a sense of knowing before anything else happens for us.

Drug addiction often takes over a person's life. However, when you begin to step out of your comfort zone in sobriety, it begins to get better. Drugs do not have to take over your life. Sober living is always the best way to getting to know yourself again.

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