Monday, August 21, 2017

Before You Look For A Suboxone Memphis Facility

By Melissa Foster

It goes without saying that those who have been addicted to opiates and heroin find it very difficult to break away from dependence on the narcotic. In this search of breaking dependence, your physician may have suggested that you try a suboxone based regimen for drug dependence removal. In relation to this therefore you are now looking for a suboxone Memphis facility nearest you. Read on in this article for more information on this drug before you make a final decision.

Classified as a mild pain killer, this is sometimes prescribed in lieu of Vicodin, another popular drug. Suboxone can thus be used for the alleviation and treatment of pain due to degenerative disc disorder and stenosis. Those prescribed the drug say that one has an other worldly feeling and claim it is much better compared to Vicodin.

Breaking away from dependence should never be done cold turkey, especially when talking of major narcotics like opium and heroin. Thus a dependence removal therapy is needed wherein a substitute is introduced in place of the drug is dependent on. In this regard suboxone has been in the limelight due to it being able to do the job.

This synthetic drug is also known in medical circles as Buprenorphine, its generic name. It is quite effective in taking out dependence on known methadone type of narcotics like heroin and codeine. Other methadone class prescriptions are fentanyl, oxycontin, and hydrocordone.

The drug is usually administered orally, as the most common production of this medication is in tablet or pills form. It has of course evolved into other administration type forms in that it can also be taken intravenously, nasally by spray or even through the skin via the use of a transdermal patch, which is reminiscent of the nicotine patch. It should be noted that there are long term effects between doses.

If one were to take this without being properly prepared or prescribed for it, then one should expect complications in breathing and such. Being the case, it is a dangerous drug to leave lying around young children, who have experienced death when careless parents just leave medications lying around that can very easily accessed.

Alcohol and this controlled substance will not mix well at all, in fact it can very well cause severe seizures and even death. As it is a cheaper alternative to the drugs it is supposed to relieve dependence on, it is abused by the very addicts themselves due to easier accessibility. It is most commonly mixed with alcohol in sessions by unscrupulous users. Due to its accessibility, research shows that younger users are also starting to abuse this narcotic, and so more control and legislation is needed.

Known to interact with around 844 known medications, this is a substance that should not be trifled with. 261 of these known 844 interactions with other substances are known to be extremely severe and even fatal. Thus always take the extra time to know about the pros and cons of any specific medications that you will be prescribed.

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