Sunday, August 6, 2017

Essential Life Lessons Learned From Job Embedded Professional Development

By Robert Cooper

Nowadays, there are plenty of schools that have come into existence which specializes in various forms of education. Even with the trends and the latest developments with regard to education, the standards and hierarchy in the educational system remains mostly the same. In order to help improve the teaching quality of mentors, they are required to attend certain workshops that cater to this need.

As a result, there are numerous workshops available that will focus on improving certain skills and qualities that teachers already possess. One of those workshops is called Job Embedded Professional Development, and these workshops are known for their effectiveness. While learning the necessary skills is important, teachers also learn some essential life lessons that go along with their line of work.

Sometimes referred to as JEPD, this kind course has been developed for a while now. However, there are some changes that have been applied to it to help in maintaining its application in the modern world. Mentors who have undergone this training method will learn many things, which are applicable not just in a school setting.

As a teacher, you are aware of the wide variety of students you are able to meet on a daily basis. These kids are from different walks of life and therefore, have different personalities. By attending these classes, you learn how to deal with each student and treat them as persons, and not simply as students.

Moreover, you will also learn how to show some understanding and be more patient. Understandably, some students will learn faster than others and it is not good to judge students from this aspect alone. By developing these attributes, you will have the capacity to understand and reach out to these children to aid in their learning years.

Compassion is another life lesson one can learn from JEPD workshops. Having the compassion to review and relay important subject matters to students is important to become a good teacher. While your main responsibility is to teach them things they need to know, sometimes this extends to more than just the subject you teach.

Another important life lesson is being just when it comes to grades. When you notice a student slipping up on their duties, you should show some initiative in helping them cope up. One way of doing so is to assign extra work for them to help improve their grades for each semester.

Communication is highly important when it comes to this line of work. By honing your communication skills, you are able to teach better and relate to these children. Being open is also a key factor in these children giving you their trust when it comes to teaching them important subjects in the curriculum.

Even though being a mentor means being highly knowledgeable in certain subject matters, the learning process does not stop there. By enrolling yourself in JEPD courses, you are not only improving yourself, but the quality of teaching that pupils will receive from you. While the necessary skills are important, it is also detrimental to put in personal efforts to help further the quality of education.

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