Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Non Surgical Treatment Of Gum Disease NV

By Cynthia Cox

Many people today are struggling with dental related problems due to the increased consumption of sugary foods today. Although most dental issues are attributed to sugary foods, some are caused by other factors example smoking, genetics and hormonal changes have been noted to cause periodontal diseases, however there is Non Surgical Treatment Of Gum Disease NV to be of help.

To promote understanding of the method, one first needs to understand the previous methods used to address the periodontal diseases. The traditional methods involved using antibiotics to kill the bacteria and surgery to restructure the gums and treat the disease. However, the methods were considered painful and the use of antibiotics resulted in drug resistant bacteria strains.

The problems associated with the method promoted the identification of a simpler and more convenient solution to dealing with the periodontal diseases. The method is the one earlier on introduced in the article. It involves using laser to restructure the gums and also dealing with the spaces in the gums known as pockets where the bacteria grow in and cause the diseases.

With this method, the first main benefit is the reduced level of complication involved with the procedure. For the surgery and antibiotics based methods, there was always the risk of reinfection in the gums with time which would be more complicated to address later on. The method thus involved a lot of complication which the laser method doe not have as it kills all the bacteria thus reducing chances of reinfection.

The patient also gets better experience with the laser method. This is because the method takes a shorter time to heal as compared to the use of surgery. This is because with surgery, the gums are completely exposed, resulting in excessive blood loss and a big scar which takes longer to heal. Swelling is expected after both the procedures however with surgery it lasts longer and is more prominent.

Another advantage of the method is the easily available chemicals to be used in the laser operation as compared to the surgery and antibiotics method. For the laser method, local anesthesia can be used in the process, but for the other traditional alternative more chemicals are required. However, the laser treatments required specialized dentists who have the specialized laser equipment.

The procedure can also be used for cosmetic advantage. This is recommended for people who have extra gums on their teeth. The extra gums often cover their teeth till they reach the enamel. This can be embarrassing for some people who do not like the fact that their gums are exposed as they smile. The laser procedure reshapes the extra gums into a more preferable size.

Other than being seen when smiling, teeth are also essential to chew food. By keeping our teeth healthy and string, we can avoid future expenses in repairing them or treating them. Dentists will thus insist that everyone should have their teeth checked out on a regular basis and also brush them daily with a minimum of two brushes per day.

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