Saturday, August 26, 2017

What You Should Know Before Using Naturopathic Medicine Atlanta GA

By James Cole

Naturopathy is among the holistic treatments around. Holistic remedy has several other disciplines under it like naturopathic medicine Atlanta GA, herbalism, acupuncture, traditional Chinese remedy, ayurvedic remedy, homeopathic remedy, and chiropractic remedy. Holistic philosophies, holistic remedy, is in direct contrast to the reductionistic medical philosophy.

Yes, there are vast difference between holism and reductionism. Reductionism argues that the human being is a machine made up of different parts. This emanates from the believe that consciousness in itself is a component of biochemistry and it is the medical doctor's duty not to cure the disease, but to manage its symptoms with drugs or surgery.

Holistic physicians have different argument. It is their believe that human body is a system. This system is made of up of inter-related parts inhabited and informed by a spiritual vital force, and that consciousness is first followed by the spiritual body.

It is the believe of naturopathic physicians that the human system is blessed with God-given intelligence which orchestrates everything that goes on inside it at any point in time. It is their believe that the human body has wisdom, and that it is intelligent and so smart that it grew all by itself, and that your body grew from single cell organism into the magnificent figure you are now.

If the body grew itself all by itself then it definitely has the ability to fix itself. Though holistic physicians believe that, medical doctors, who are reductionistically trained, firmly do not believe it. It is because of this firm unbelieve from medical doctors that make them prescribe medications that are just intended to take care of symptoms and not cure.

The human body can fix itself. That is what all naturopaths do, that is what every holistic physician in the world does. They deliver to the body treatments the intention of which are to support the body's natural healing. This is where the term naturopathic came from. It isn't because naturopaths use therapeutics that are naturally occurring; drugs can be used naturopathically, and surgery can be used naturopathically as well.

Naturopathic treatments are meant to support the human body's ability to heal itself naturally. Anytime you are sick and need to seek treatment, you will do yourself a lot of good by choosing a physician who can help your body fix itself without any side-effects. To have the most out of your visit, you have to go for those who are professionally trained.

Naturopaths are trained primary care providers with at least a medical degree. They utilize imaging and laboratories; nutrition and lifestyle; homeopathy; herbs; diets and other things that ensure those who visit get well and continue to be well. Apart from the 4-year undergraduate degree, a professionally trained physician ought to have completed a 4-year naturopathy course in an accredited institution and not less than 2 years clinical internship before writing the national board exams and must have obtained a medical license.

Naturopathic medical training is very rigorous in all the basic medical sciences. These are physiology and anatomy; biochemistry; immunology and microbiology; pathology and so on. Aside those mentioned, naturopathic physicians offer many forms of treatments. Some of these treatments are nutrition, mind body medicine, homeopathy, botanical medicine, minor surgery, physical medicine, pharmacology, and hydrotherapy.

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