Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Equipment Used In Belize Medical Care

By Jennifer Collins

Medical care can be defined as the treatment of illnesses or injuries. It is a hospital care that is geared towards the cure of an ailment or ailments in human beings. The experts who carry out this function make sure that proper care and medication are given. These experts include the professionals in Psychology, Medicine, Psychotherapy, Pharmacy, and Psychiatry. Many appliances have been designed to be used in Belize medical care. The various machines make the treatment of these diseases possible.

The Medical Imaging Machine is a diagnostic tool used for creating visual representations of the internal parts of the body. Some parts, organs, and tissues of the human body can be revealed with the aid of this facility. It encompasses thermography, elastography and more.

Health experts such as the Physicists and the Cardiologists make use of the instruments. The Medical Imaging machine can be broadly categorized into the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and the Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). The medical professionals in Belize have been trained to handle these devices effectively.

Another essential device used is the Basic Life Support. Issues that demand urgent attention and emergencies make use of this machinery in order to protect lives as fast as possible. For example, people with severe and fatal accidental injuries in the brain require the use of this safety device, otherwise, death may occur. People who suffer from stroke, severe physical injuries, birth complexities and adults who suffer from heart attack must make use of the device when admitted to the hospital.

These support machines may include the use of Heart-Lung machines, Dialysis machine, and anesthetic machines. The Heart-Lung machine makes use of many treatment techniques to ensure the free flow and circulation of blood and inhaled gases. The dialysis machine has been considered to be the most effective apparatus for chronic kidney diseases and disorders, injuries, inflammations and other abnormal functioning. The Nurse anesthetists make use of the anesthetic machine in order to promote the administration of anesthetics into the blood of the patient. For example, the continuous flow anesthetic device has been widely recommended for the proper supply of medical gases such as oxygen.

The infusion pumps, LASIK machines, and the lasers are regarded as treatment devices or equipment. The Infusion Pump helps to carry vital nutrients into the body. These nutrients are in the form of liquid substances or fluids and are carried into the circulatory system with the aid of this device. While the large volume pumps infuse large amounts, the small volume pumps are specially used for the transportation of hormones and drugs.

The LASIK reduces the occurrences of disorders in the eye. This laser vision correction treats ailments such as hyperopia, short-sightedness, and astigmatism. It enables visual acuity through a process known as optical amplification.

The lasers are very effective in the diagnosis of skin disorder and kidney stones extraction. It does this by emitting electromagnetic radiation, which carries heavy radiation through the optical amplification process.

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