Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Advantages Of Allergen Free Prescription

By Carl Meyer

Things that trigger allergic reactions in the human system are referred to as allergens. Such triggers happen when an individual comes into contact with a foreign substance, which at times is not harmful to other people. In order not for an individual's daily activities to be affected by such conditions, using allergen free prescription helps to overcome the disease, you stay active, sleep well, perform well on your daily activities, and not miss work or school. Your leisure activities and daily routines will also not be affected because of such prescriptions.

People suffer allergies as a result of an over reaction of the immune system. The reaction takes place in two phases. The first phase is the sensitization phase. Upon initial contact with the thing that trigger an allergy, the immune system considers that thing as an enemy substance.

The cells in the immune system microphages and lymphocytes interact. Lymphocytes produce antibodies specific to the 'alien' substance which binds to other cells know as mast cells. These mast cells are then sensitized to the allergen.

The second stage is the reaction stage which happens when the 'enemy' substance is once again encountered. Since the mast cell is sensitized to the 'enemy' substance already, it is recognized immediately and produces inflammatory substances to prepare the organs and processes of the human body that provide resistance to toxins and infections. These inflammatory substances are what brings about allergy symptoms.

Certain symptoms show during allergic reactions. Symptoms which can occur individually or together are skin rashes, abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, swollen lips, tongue and throat. The allergic reaction can be so severe that it becomes life threatening to the one who is affected, due to an allergic shock for example.

One inherited progressive chronic diseases that worsen when it is not handled professionally is respiratory allergy. Persons who are sensitive to some allergic substances, become vulnerable to other conditions as time goes on. As an example, it is possible for allergic rhinitis to lead to the beginning of asthma.

Allergic reactions are treatable. Two forms of treatments are available for allergic conditions. These are the symptomatic and the immunotherapy treatments. The symptomatic one is prescribed for the initial stages while the latter is for the desensitization stage.

The treatments reduce allergy symptoms or cause them to disappear all together. The right prescriptions can also prevent sensitization to other allergens and the onset of other diseases like asthma because they act directly on the cause. The prescriptions offer a long lasting effect, but only allergy specialist can prescribe the most appropriate remedies on the basis of the patient's allergy assessment.

You can help by going for the treatments at the right time. In the case of seasonal allergies, such as pollen allergy, the treatment can be started a few months before the start of the pollen season and continue during the pollen season. The treatment can then be discontinued and started again a year after following the same protocol.

For perennial allergies, like allergies to animal hair, dust, or might, it is possible to start the treatment anytime of the year and followed through throughout that year. These kind of prescriptions work by acting on the source of the disease to minimize and get rid of the allergy symptoms, from the first few weeks and better the life of those who suffer from allergies.

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