Monday, August 21, 2017

Read Before Looking For A Suboxone Memphis Facility

By Donna Olson

Addiction is never a pretty thing, no matter what anyone says. Many will try to break off from addictions and many will also fail. Currently you may be struggling with an opiate or heroin addiction on your own and your doctor may have even prescribed a suboxone intervention regimen for you. Prior to you jumping onto the bandwagon and registering at the nearest suboxone Memphis facility, read on and finish this article first.

A fairly effective pain killer in small doses, suboxone is seen by some as a good alternative to the drug Vicodin. Vicodin is also a pain killer that is administered to control stenosis pain and degenerative disc disease pain. Of those administered the alternative to Vicodin, they say that is much better, even if it gives a certain out of it feeling upon the very first use.

Cold turkey or a quick cure is never the course to take in terms of curing substance abuse addiction. Cold turkey may be something that works well when it comes to cigarettes and certain alcoholic substances, but it is not the same case when it comes to controlled substances. Drug substitution therapy is more effective and safer as it is in a prolonged time frame, wherein a synthetic drug is substituted in place of the narcotic in question in ever increasing dosages until the addiction is no longer present.

The synthetic substance referred to in this therapy is of course suboxone, which is also known as Buprenorphine in pharmaceutical circles. Buprenorphine is effective in dealing with dependence issues related to methadone type of drugs such as fentanyl, hydrocordone, oxycontin, heroin and codeine.

As this medication is usually manufactured as a pill or a tablet, the most common way of dosage is by oral means. However, the increasing use of it in the past years in substitution therapy has found more flexibility in administration which can include nasal ingestion by spray, skin application by transdermal patch and even intravenously by needle.

You should be physically able and must have the proper prescription and recommendation from a medical professional prior to you taking this, as it can cause breathing and pulmonary problems. Due to these effects, it has been known to have killed children due to their accidental ingestion of it. Thus adults and parents should always ensure proper storage of medication.

Any drug, especially those that give strong physical side effects should ever be mixed with alcohol. And this is very true as regards suboxone. When mixed with alcoholic drinks, it may cause seizures and even death. When talking about interactions with other medicines, it will react with about 844 of them, and of this 261 will illicit severe and even fatal reactions. This is a drug that you should be a bit wary off.

In sum this article has discussed some base information that you should consider in your overall final decision. There are of course other things that you need to do some due diligence research on so that you will be confident that you are making the best decision for your health and general recovery overall.

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