Monday, August 14, 2017

Reasons Best Cosmetic Dentist Nevada Advice You To Avoid Some Food After Teeth Whitening

By Cynthia Bailey

Nothing equals the confidence of a healthy smile. When your teeth lose the nice glowing white color, you are likely to be embarrassed anytime you meet with people. You may even not be able to express yourself in the right way, due to the embarrassment of having stained teeth. This explains why many people find teeth whitening an important part of cosmetic dentistry. However, even after a successful teeth whitening teeth session, you teeth may stain again, particularly if you do not observe good eating habits. Having the Best cosmetic dentist Nevada has can help you know the things you should eat and those things you should avoid.

The first type of meals you should avoid is food that you think can stain your teeth. In particular you should avoid colored foods. Some of such food might include soy sauce, blue berries, tomato sauce, dark marinades, dark chocolate, beets, dark soup and stew. You may also need to keep off Spanish and certain Indian cuisines as they contain a lot of tomato sauce and curry that may stain your teeth as well.

It is okay to take clear fluids like water and milk even after whitening teeth. This is because these beverages cannot stain the teeth. However, beverages like dark soft drinks, red wine, and coffee are not good during the first few days after teeth whitening.

You should also keep off acidic food. Teeth whitening process might leave teeth temporarily sensitive to food and drinks that are acidic. Taking such foods or drinking such fluids might make you experience discomfit or pain while eating. Also, foods with low PH such as soft drinks, pickles, vinegar, pineapple, limes, lemons, grapefruits may also enhance the acidity of your saliva thus damaging the areas of your teeth that have already been weakened by the chemical used during the whitening session.

You should also ensure that you do not take too cold or too hot food items. This is particularly so important to observe during the first thirty six hours after undertaking a teeth whitening session. You certainly would not bear the pain that comes with taking too cold foods after teeth whitening. The best way to avoid this is ensuring that you take meals at room temperature.

Check how you brush your teeth. You should gently brush teeth up and down for about three seconds. This will ensure that your teeth are clean, and you do not wear off the enamel of your teeth. Again, vigorous brushing may injure your gum causing it to bleed. Remember, bleeding gum could be a cause of bad mouth odor.

Check the type of toothbrush you are using to brush teeth. Your teeth are delicate and will require a soft brush. Too hard brush may harm the enamel of this teeth and also injure your gum. Again, you should avoid using tooth pastes with low PH levels.

The above are simple rules to observe given the joy of having a glowing smile. You should ensure that you follow the instructions your cosmetic dentist gives you to ensure a prolonged glowing smile. Remember that repeated teeth whitening may not be advisable as it may weaken teeth.

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