Thursday, September 13, 2018

Breast Cancer Clothing Tulsa; A Guide For Choosing The Right Outfits For Treatments

By Michael Stewart

If you are preparing for breast cancer treatments, operations or other related procedures, the need to be dressed appropriately should not be underestimated. While most patients are well aware of the numerous changes that would happen to their lives, they are totally oblivious about the fact that their wardrobes would also need some drastic changes. If you need the right breast cancer clothing Tulsa is an ideal place where your hunt for the finest stores could begin.

Every phase of treatment will need unique wardrobe changes. Normally, patients will focus mainly on the side effects of treatments, medications and appointments and they will at this point not think about their wardrobes. It is hence better to begin shopping around before you officially begin treatment.

Once you are scheduled for chemotherapy infusion, it is likely that the doctors will perform a minor surgery on the upper part of your chest to place an IV port. You will be hooked on this IV through this port for at least six hours at a time. Then again, most patients will choose to wear a sub-zero cap on their heads to help in preventing hair loss. The cap in question ought to be worn for not less than eight hours on end.

Give the above mentioned facts; you should wear loose outfits that will allow swift IV port access. Also, dress in layers for you to keep warm after wearing the ice cap. It goes without saying that your body temperature would drop and dressing warmly would ensure that this does not cause you unnecessary discomfort. It is also best to affirm that your outfit does not have a tight waistband because chemotherapy can get you a little nauseous.

After surgery, there are some physical restrictions that you may experience. You want to consult with your surgeon about this for you to adequately prepare for what lies ahead. In most cases, patients are unable to move their upper hands for weeks. It is hence best in invest in bras that open from the front and also have a decent number of button-down or zip-up shirts that you can wear for at least a month.

Choosing to invest in silk or satin pajamas is also an excellent idea. The majorities of patients can attest to having difficulties climbing down their beds or even standing up from a couch. Fortunately, the silken pajama pants can allow you to easily slide when climbing down a couch or bed.

Radiation therapy can make your skin highly sensitive. You therefore want to wear soft, loose clothes that are likely to be less irritating against the skin. When choosing your bras, go for the soft ones with wide straps. Alternatively, choose to simply wear silicone nipple covers if wearing a bra does not work for you.

Getting your wardrobe ready for breast cancer treatment can be a challenge. This is more so the case if you decide to start shopping around just when you need to relax and recover from any procedure. It will be ideal for you to begin your shopping way before your treatment starts.

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