Saturday, September 22, 2018

Effective Herbology Remedies For Stress That Are Free Of Side Effects

By Elizabeth Bell

It's perfectly fine to be stressed every now and then especially if your days are very busy ones. However, it's not okay that you have high levels of stress constantly. According to health authorities, that's something that can greatly endanger your health. Uncontrolled stress in the long run can increase your risk of developing serious problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even cancer. It's for this reason exactly why you should dodge as many stressors as you can and engage in stress busting activities, too. There are also a number of herbology remedies for stress that you may try, and some of the best ones can be found below.

Soothe the nerves with chamomile. A really popular and accessible herbal remedy for stress is chamomile. Usually, it comes in the form of tea. While it possesses the ability to promote sleep, having a cup of it in the middle of a busy day may be done. A lot of people with mild insomnia consume it at night to help catch some shut eye.

Relax while maintaining alertness with green tea. If you need to stay wide awake, brew yourself a cup of green tea. What's so amazing about this healthy beverage is it encourages relaxation of the mind without causing sleepiness. Sadly, green tea has caffeine in it, although in small amounts only. Taking it may not be the best way to deal with stress for individuals with caffeine sensitivity.

Calm down with lemon balm. Consuming a cup of lemon balm tea is a caffeine free way to stay alert while reducing your stress levels. If you suffer from insomnia, buy tea bags of it that are blended with a couple of other sleep inducing herbs. Unfortunately, experts say that drinking several cups of lemon balm tea a day may induce anxiety.

Take it easy with lavender. A lot of really stressed people rely on lavender which can be utilized in different ways. It may be taken in capsules or brewed into tea. Some choose to employ this stress relieving herb in essential oil form. You may place a few drops of it on your pillow or add some of it to your bathwater or favorite massage oil.

Have some shut eye with valerian. Prior to jumping into bed, take a valerian capsule. The said herbal product is a potent sleep aid, letting you obtain restorative sleep without trouble. Remember to steer clear of valerian in the middle of the day because you will surely wind up wanting to snooze.

Reduce both stress and anxiety with kava. More often than not, stress brings about anxious thoughts, too. This is when the intake of kava tablet or capsule can come to the rescue. The herb is scientifically proven to loosen tight muscles due to stress and also relax a restless mind due to anxiety.

Ensure that you speak with your doctor about your desire to take herbs. Such is very important if you are pregnant or diagnosed with a medical condition. Using herbal solutions is best done under the supervision of a trained herbalist.

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