Monday, September 10, 2018

GMO Skinap Wound Healing Therapy Will Help When Your Body Fails

By Dorothy Roberts

The human body follows a particular process when healing itself from injuries. Inflammation causes the blood to clot to avoid bleeding, afterwards, the destruction phase begins whereby the wound gets cleaned of any old cells to prevent infections. The third in the process is proliferation, this is a phase whereby new skin is created by fibroblasts. Maturation is the last phase and its purpose is to bring together the newly formed tissues to close the opening. Now the bruise will be regarded as healed. There are instances where this process fails and healing doesn t occur. Human intervention is then required, GMO skinap wound healing is one backup solution.

Wounds should be healed within 6 weeks of the injury, otherwise, they are regarded as non-healing. Poor blood circulation may be the cause of this condition. People suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes and Raynaud s disease often suffer from un-healing injuries. Older people s proliferation can sometimes be a very slow inhibiting regeneration of repairing skin cells.

A non-curing wound can be very dangerous to a person s wellbeing, if left untreated it might spread all over until the only control measure becomes amputation of the affected body part. So, immediately when you feel like the bruise is burning up or is more painful, releases a smelly discharge or is changing colour, seek medical help.

Leeches were used to help heal wounds in ancient times by physicians. Since current doctors have adopted this method, it means it was working. However, it wasn t that efficient, that is why they have coupled it with genetic engineering. The recent research concerning this is being performed on maggots rather than leeches.

Maggots are placed on the affected area where they will clean and remove dead tissues. On top of that, they secrete a liquid that prevents the wound from getting infected, the liquid is often called an antimicrobial secretion. Although the wound finally gets healed, it does so after some time, so maggots don t speed up the healing time. Some doctors, after performing experiments argue that maggots should only be used for debridement, otherwise they will become deleterious to the skin.

New skin cells and tissues have to be generated for the bruise to be completely healed. That is why maggots were genetically engineered to secrete platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB). PDGF-BB is a solution that encourages reproduction of human skin cells at a rapid rate. This genetic engineering was done in 2 ways, firstly, maggots were made to produce this solution when subjected to temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius.

Then others were made to produce it when they were given a diet that didn t have a certain bacteria called tetracycline. The maggots which used temperature as a factor of producing PDGF-BB failed to emit it out of their bodies and thus are useless.

Skinap therapeutics is an example of a company that is currently developing treatment and medicines to heal life-threatening wounds, they also use genetically modified organisms like maggots discussed in this article.

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