Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Reality Of Coping With Mental Illness In The Family

By Jeffrey Ross

There are huge problems that families have to deal with when a loved one experiences problems with their mental health. Obviously one needs to look out for the individual and find out what their requirements are. However, there is no doubt that coping with mental illness in the family is not an easy task.

This may vary from one person to the next. Some people will display more physical symptoms which can include a change in mood, the loss of appetite, substance abuse and the inability to socialize. Other people will be emotionally affected. This is sometimes worse. Even with medication it can be erratic because it means that the family won't know what to expect.

If family members refuse to support their loved ones, it can be stressful for them. It can be a big blow because they will be feeling that they are a burden on them. They may feel as if there is something wrong with them. However, this is not true. This is an illness, just like any other illness that you hear about.

However, the fact that it can complicate the life of the parent or the spouse can obviously be frustrating. When this becomes severe, parents may send the individual to a home. However, this is not always necessary. There are other options to think about before one looks into this. There is medication as well as therapy. There are well organized programs which are specialized.

This often happens with someone who suffers from borderline personality disorder. They may seem fine for a lengthy period. However, they will go through a period where they become aggressive. Physical abuse may even take over. Some individuals will prefer to stay away from the family. Although they have not done anything wrong, they see them as evil and want nothing to do with them.

They will see mom or dad sleeping all day or they will see that they have become angry all of a sudden and begin to think that they have done something wrong. Kids will become ashamed of themselves. The whole family will need to receive therapy and openly discuss what they are feeling instead of bottling this up inside.

Children go through a wide range of problems as well. It doesn't just relate to adults. The secret is to recognize signs and symptoms in the early stages so that one can treat this early on. Parents need to know how to deal with this in the early stages. Teenagers often go through a lot of stress and anxiety and this leads to other disorders. It is something to watch out for.

Relationship will especially become strained during the teenage years. There are a lot of hormones flying about. Parents need to offer their support during these times. It is important for them to find out more about what they are going through because this is the best way that they can offer their support and show compassion for them. A teen or child should know that they can come to the parent about anything and just open up.

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