Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Keeping The Scalpel At Bay With Cold Laser Therapy For Knees

By Marie Olson

The knees are prone to having arthritis because of the fact that they are usually overused and abused. It can be extremely challenging for you to have a day that's productive and enjoyable if you have knee inflammation and pain. Consider undergoing cold laser therapy for knees if undergoing the knife and constantly taking painkilling medications do not appeal to you.

Procedures involving lasers used to be well known only to beauty conscious people who like to deal with excess hair, wrinkles, scars and acne. These days, however, they're also winning the admiration of individuals afflicted with arthritis. It's for the fact that they're known as non invasive treatments for the disease. Lasers not only control pain and swelling but also deal with the root cause.

Without the need to use a scalpel, it's possible for damaged cartilages in the knee joint to be repaired. According to experts, lasers deliver energy necessitated for cellular division. As a result of such, the integrity of knee cartilages affected by arthritis can be reinstated. While the results may not be immediate, regular exposure to lasers is deemed capable of repairing worn and torn cartilages.

Since the need to undergo the knife is scrapped, healing without risks can be attained. Everybody knows that surgical procedures can come with a bunch of risks. This is true especially if the patients are diagnosed with certain medical conditions like hypertension, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It's not uncommon for them to be encouraged by their doctors to look for alternatives to arthritis management.

This is when the benefit of employing lasers becomes quite obvious. No matter if performed at the clinic or at home, procedures involving lasers are capable of repairing worn out cartilages via a non invasive and simple process. It is especially ideal for people who are not considered as candidates for surgery or those who simply like to opt for alternatives due to reasons pertaining to their safety and also budget.

Lasers also make for excellent alternatives to painkillers. While effective, painkillers are known to cause an assortment of side effects. Some of them include dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea. So in other words, painkillers control pain and inflammation but at the same time replace them with a bunch of new problems.

Painkilling medications, by the way, cannot be considered as long term solutions. It's not uncommon for doctors to tell their patients to take them for not more than 10 days. Otherwise, all kinds of health issues may come into being. For instance, experts confirm that abusing painkillers can wreak havoc to one's liver, heart, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract as well. The use of painkilling medications, it goes without saying, is only a short term relief.

It's a good thing that lasers not only eliminate the symptoms but also the reason why they are existing, and that's damage to the cartilages in the knee. Currently, there are electronic instruments giving off lasers that are meant for home use. For as long as the correct device is obtained and employed properly, it's very much possible to safely enjoy relief from the symptoms and also enjoy healing of arthritis.

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